MAS seeks to meet FT minister on Kg Baru as soon as possible

The organisation says it should be the middleman in every discussion between the govt, KBDC and land owners


THE Malay Agricultural Settlement (MAS) will meet the Federal Territories (FT) Minister Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim as soon as possible to discuss matters regarding Kampung Baru’s redevelopment plan.

Its leader Datuk Omar Osman said attempts by the federal government to unlock the value of land in the Malay enclave over the past decades have so far been unsuccessful.

He noted that many discussions on the redevelopment plan did not involve MAS, which has been in charge of overseeing the infrastructural development of Kampung Baru since it was established in 1900 through the Land Code Enactment 1896.

“MAS should be the middleman in every discussion between the government, Kampung Baru Development Corp (KBDC) and the land owners. If they continue to not let MAS participate in future discussion, it will be very unfair because this involves rakyat’s rights.

“We will meet Shahidan soon to tell him about the issues to find a way to address the problems,” he told The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) after his appointment as MAS chief yesterday.

Last month, Shahidan laid out new development plans for Kampung Baru and said the development will be “organic” and will be carried out in phases according to blocks of land, saying that there are 44 identified land blocks.

“Let’s meet first, understand the needs of Kampung Baru landowner before deciding to do anything,” he said.

Meanwhile, MAS honorary secretary Shamsuri Suradi (picture) said the appointment of new leader is hoped to empower MAS as a respected body in Kampung Baru.

He said from 1975 until 2018, the leader was the Kuala Lumpur (KL) mayor and the appointment is for the sake of name only, hence MAS with the new leader will continue to fight Kampung Baru landowner’s main issue — land ownership.

“At the moment, there are 280 acres (113.3ha) of land in MAS’s coverage including 700 lots and 5,000 land owners that are still awaiting the government’s proper plan,” he said.

Shamsuri stressed that the problem is the government, which until now seems to think that everything is smooth sailing.

“Please stop dreaming with people’s property. Hold your million ringgit project, don’t waste time. Let’s sit and have a discussion.

“In Kampung Baru, there are few types of people who want to sell their land, people who love to stay here but question where they can stay after they sell their land, all of these need to be considered,” he added.

Last week, TMR reported Shamsuri as saying that even the residents are unsure of the purpose-built KBDC, which he said failed to develop even a single piece of land since it was set up in 2012.

“At the beginning of the establishment of KBDC, the slogan at that time was to develop Kampung Baru as a township of Malays in the city of KL, but now it has changed. Now, its all land purchases and land acquisitions.

“The majority of Kampung Baru landowners are really confused about what the agency is really about. They are carrying out hastily drawn plans under pressure from the minister, not to help the people,” he said.