TNB to ensure total revenue from coal plants below 25%

The aspiration is underpinned by a commitment to reduce 35% of its emissions intensity


TENAGA Nasional Bhd (TNB) has pledged to ensure its revenue from coal generation plants does not exceed 25% of its total revenue.

“Earlier this year, we have committed to stop investing in greenfield coal plants after Jimah East Power in Port Dickson which was commissioned in 2019,” said TNB president and CEO Datuk Baharin Din in a statement yesterday.

“Under the sustainability pathway, we aspire to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. This aspiration is underpinned by a commitment to reduce 35% of our emissions intensity and 50% of our coal generation capacity by 2035,” Baharin added.

It is a low-carbon strategic plan that will contribute to a healthier life in tandem with the global community’s commitment to ensure that everyone enjoys a better life.

The initiatives by TNB are in accordance with the stand of the country, which would be tabled at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Glasgow, Scotland, from Oct 31 to Nov 12.

“TNB will also increase investments in research and development in the field of renewable energy (RE) apart from existing RE business activities,” he added.

TNB is committed to driving the energy transition by prioritising energy efficiency and green energy technology as well as growing its RE portfolio in Malaysia and internationally, related infrastructure like grid stability and increasing digitalisation.

“We will work together with the government and all relevant stakeholders to ensure a nationwide collaborative effort to achieve the net-zero emissions aspiration,” he added.

TNB chairman Datuk Hassan Ariffin said the national utility firm has taken a proactive stance in August when it announced its Sustainability Pathway.

The firm fully supports the government’s climate change and green technology agenda, he said. 


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