More to come from Malaysia to achieve sustainability

by HARIZAH KAMEL / pic credit:

A LOT can be expected from the world, including Malaysia, in the years to come during economic recovery to achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) post-Covid-19.

Urbanice Malaysia CEO Norliza Hashim (picture) said the SDGs are necessary for countries to move forward as the pandemic has driven all stakeholders to re-look their commitments on climate change agenda, equitable growth and ways to protect natural resources.

“I think countries are doing plenty. Malaysia has been quite responsive to the SDGs. In the 12th Malaysia Plan, there are many relating to the SDGs and it covers all spectrums, not only of social inclusivity but climate change.

“This is where stakeholders play an important role because Covid-19 started as a health crisis which became a social and economic crisis,” she said at City Expo Malaysia’s recent webinar on the topic “SDG Recovery after Pandemic”.

Norliza noted that implementing the SDGs has always been a challenge, even before the pandemic.

She highlighted that the territorial approach to SDG is crucial, saying that it should not be only confined to any form of administrative boundary.

“We have various targets, especially SDG14 Life Below Water and SDG15 Life On Land, which should not be measured on an administrative level but rather on a functional boundary so that we can address the issues,” she said.

Norliza believed that from a territorial point of view, Malaysia can look at the linkages of urban to suburban and rural better, which is key in ensuring that distribution of growth is fair and equitable growth is undertaken well.

“We also are able to analyse the situations and problems better especially in dynamic areas.

“In addressing a territorial approach, we could strengthen not only the solution that we are providing but also the different roles between national, state and districts because everyone plays a different role in implementing the SDGs,” she said.