Saravanan: More jobs created to curb the unemployment


MALAYSIA’S unemployment rate inched up 4.8% to 778,200 in July 2021 compared to 4.7% or 768,700 in the second half of last year.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri M Saravanan (picture) said that there was a rise of 9,500 individuals going jobless as of July.

He noted in Dewan Rakyat today that the Human Resources Ministry (MoHR) is ensuring more employment opportunities are provided to reduce the unemployment rate.

“The government has set up a National Employment Council (NEC) with the target of creating 500,000 job opportunities,” Saravanan said.

MoHR through the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) has also expanded employment allowances to non-Socso contributors, especially to fresh graduates, school leavers and informal sector workers.

“At least RM300 will be received when they register under the MyFutureJobs platform while an RM300 million allocation incentives will benefit 65,000 workers and employers who offer short-term jobs registered with Sosco,” he added.

Meanwhile, Saravanan said that RM18 billion was spent under the wage subsidy programme (WSP) through Socso.

“WSP is one of the popular programmes among industry players and there was great demand from companies.

“The ministry has ensured sufficient allocation for the programme throughout the various lockdowns,” he said.

He added that the WSP has saved about 2.9 million jobs and prevented over 300,000 firms from folding.