DataKITA to drive Malaysia towards data utilisation

The programme also serves as Malaysia’s aspiration in fortifying the efforts towards meeting the IR4.0 standards


THE Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC) has introduced DataKITA to prepare the country’s digital ecosystem for data utilisation.

DataKITA has four strategic pillars which promote data literacy (knowledge), foster a data-driven environment (infrastructure), facilitate development of data professionals (talent) and accelerate business enterprises to be data-driven and artificial intelligence (AI)-ready (action) which would ensure the beneficiaries of the initiative are catalysing a thriving data ecosystem.

It is in line with the government’s Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint and the IR4.0 policy and prepares the country to tap into the lucrative data economy.

The programme also serves as Malaysia’s aspiration in fortifying the efforts towards meeting the IR4.0 standards and also the swift changes of disruptive technologies which are known to transform the global economic landscape.

The International Data Centre stated that Malaysia’s data-driven spending is estimated to reach US$1.9 billion (RM7.94 billion) by 2025 from US$1.1 billion in 2021.

MDEC believes that this nation can be digitally sovereign which would lead to an innovative digital economy once it is able to control its data destiny.

This is in line with the agency’s mission to form a digitally integrated society that is driven by a sustainable and inclusive digital economy.

According to MDEC chief digital business officer Aiza Azreen Ahmad (picture), there is new information generated every second. Hence, she believes that data is an important component of the digital economy.

It needs to be harnessed for shared prosperity and value innovation to enable new sources of growth.

“Businesses that embrace data tend to be more agile and innovative, especially during these trying times. We have seen many that have been flourishing from creative business models compared to others who are struggling to survive.

“At the national level, data-driven decisions benefit the country, be it economically or in managing the Covid-19 pandemic,” she said.

MDEC also strives to help local businesses with the tool kits to survive the new normal as the pandemic has shown us the importance of data fluency and how it can help businesses survive.

It would also be hosting the weeklong event the AI and Data Week 2021 (AIDW 2021) which would begin on Oct 25 as part of DataKITA.

The event aims to make Malaysia a regional hub for data, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as shifting the mindset of integration and encourage attendees and participants to adopt data, AI and IoT through various activities.

Industry players, data professionals, data communities and tech start-ups are welcome to participate in AIDW 2021 to engage with business enterprises, working professionals and government officials.

On Oct 26, it would feature insightful speakers in the areas of AI and data such as Nikolai Dobberstein, Partner and Asia Pacific Head of Communications, Media and Technology, Kearney; Carl Ward from Amazon Web Services and Laurence Liew of AI Singapore.