12MP execution difficult without proper understanding on issues

Govt needs to ensure it has enough funds to materialise the programmes parked under 12MP


IT IS easy for the government to develop plans that could improve the country but implementation and execution of the plans would be difficult if the government is not aware of the appropriate solutions to overcome the problems faced by the nation.

In his debate for the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), Langkawi MP Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the government needs to ensure it has enough funds to materialise the programmes parked under the plan that includes economic restructuring.

As he proposed measures for the government to eradicate poverty in the country, Dr Mahathir said the government should not simply take funds from its coffers and channel them to the poor.

“The government will go bankrupt because that is not the way. There are many other ways to alleviate poverty in the country and we need to find ways to overcome the problems first.

“There are measures the government can take to implement the changes but it also needs to know the methods and obstacles it will face doing so,” said the former prime minister in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

Dr Mahathir proposed for the government to utilise the technology to facilitate the implementation of 12MP in areas such as education and farming.

He highlighted modern technology could have been utilised in classrooms where lessons can be recorded for students while teachers can navigate the lessons by helping students understand the subjects that are being taught.

“This is a new way of learning and several companies have proposed this method but we still rely on one teacher to be physically present in a classroom and now we face a shortage of teachers who are fluent in English.

“I myself have learned so much from YouTube because the platform has experts that teach users a multitude of things. That is why I propose for us to use technology in teaching students because now we need to have more knowledge in the field of science and technology,” he said.

Technology could also help farmers in utilising their lands with limited space to be managed professionally and enable them to reap more results.

Dr Mahathir said the government needs to have an open mind towards modern technology in farming because the poor may never get out of poverty if they still do the job in a conventional manner.

“There are also new ways of farming that are not only limited to paddy fields. We need to promote mixed farming to overcome poverty in rural areas,” he said.

The Langkawi MP also suggested for the government to use a new auditing system in the Customs Department that is driven by technology to avoid losses of money that he claimed is a recurring issue in the department.

Dr Mahathir said an updated auditing system would enable the department to inspect every single item that enters the country.

He added that there also needs to be an audit on government agencies done by private companies instead of solely relying on internal audits.

“It is not sufficient if we only have internal audits. There are times where we need second audits to be done by private firms on accounts held by government agencies.

“Instead of losing a large sum of money, we should save the money by spending a sufficient amount to get experts that will ensure the matters are done smoothly,” said Dr Mahathir.