Maxis tops video and games experience, says study


MAXIS Bhd gets the top spot for best video and games experience while U Mobile Sdn Bhd is the best in terms of voice application and upload speed experience, according to the latest report by Opensignal.

The firm’s “Malaysian Mobile Network Experience” report analysed the mobile network experience for customers of the main operators in the country: Celcom Axiata Bhd, DiGi.Com Bhd, Maxis, U Mobile, Unifi and Yes.

The analysis was made at a national level and across 15 Malaysian territories between June and August this year.

“Last year, Maxis users had the best experience when streaming video and playing multiplayer games over mobile connections in both Opensignal’s 2020 reports, but in the April 2021 report, it lost the Video Experience award to Digi and had to share the glory for Games Experience with U Mobile,” Opensignal said in a statement.

However, Maxis managed to top both categories scoring 0.5 points higher than Digi in Video Experience also beating U Mobile and Digi in Games Experience by 4.6 points.

The Video Experience score has declined where all five operators have seen their scores decline since the previous report — by 2.8 points-7.4 points (5.2%-13%).

“Maxis owes its victory to its score being more resilient than the rest in percentage terms,” the report stated.

U Mobile is the best for Voice App Experience and is consistent in having the fastest upload speeds for three consecutive reports.

Its users can enjoy its over-the-top voice apps over a mobile network while having the best experience.

“However, the Voice App Experience reported by users in Malaysia has declined slightly across the board — between 0.8 points on Maxis and two points on U Mobile’s network. Celcom and Digi’s scores dipped by 1.8 points, while 1.6 point drop in Unifi’s score was enough to place it in the Poor category — down from Acceptable.”

All five operators have also observed a slight fall in this category, by 0.8 to two points since last time and Unifi has joined Celcom in the Poor (66-74) category while the rest are in the Acceptable (74-80) ratings.

With changing usage patterns and consumption habits, upload speed is becoming more important in mobile services.

Celcom has won the 4G Coverage Experience category where it has also managed to record a nine-point mark (on a scale of 0-10) — which means that users on its network observed a 4G signal on average in nine of 10 locations they visited.

Digi and Maxis remain tied with second-place, scoring 8.3 and 8.2 on a 10-point scale respectively.

“Malaysian users across all networks saw their 4G Coverage Experience improve since the last report, except Unifi which did not see any change,” the report stated.