Malaysian online spending increases during 9.9 Sale, says Lazada

by BERNAMA / pic credit: Lazada

KUALA LUMPUR – Lazada Malaysia reported that consumers’ online shopping behaviour in the country is increasing, with the average Malaysian purchasing over 10 times more items month-on-month at LazMall during the recent 9.9 Biggest Brand Sale.

The e-commerce company said the shopping behaviour demonstrates that consumers are becoming more confident to shop online at Lazada’s authenticity-guaranteed branded destination.

LazMall head Chenxi Zhou said most LazMall brands have also seen a three times increase in store followers across the sale period.

“We are delighted to see that LazMall’s 100 per cent authenticity and 15-day free return promises have resonated well with our local customers.

“This rise reflects Malaysians’ growing faith in LazMall as the go-to destination when shopping for brands, including premium and luxury products that range up to thousands of ringgit,” she said in a statement.

Lazada said throughout the Lazada 9.9 Sale this year, some of the most searched keywords by local shoppers were for athleisure, smartphone, and household-essential brands.

These included brands such as Puma, Nike, Adidas, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Dyson, Watson, and Dettol, among others, each of which have been searched thousands of times.

Chenxi said most participating LazMall brand partners saw their local store followers nearly tripled, compared to the previous month, by the end of the 9.9 Biggest Brands Sale.

“This is a testament to LazMall being the preferred choice, enabling our official brand partners to connect and engage with our nationwide customer base,” she said.

Other key trends include top growing categories on LazMall, such as beauty, grocery, and baby supplies, recording over 15 times more purchases on Lazada’s 9.9 Sale compared to the previous month.

Malaysians even bought over 120,000 kilogrammes worth of MILO Activ-Go powder from LazMall in a single day during the 9.9 Sale.

To put things into perspective, that is equivalent to the weight of more than 130 Perodua Myvi cars.

Local online shoppers also bought over 14,000kg worth of Nescafe coffee powder on that same day, which is equivalent to over nine million cups of coffee, more than enough to get the entire population of Klang Valley started on their day.

“When consumers purchase from their favourite LazMall brands, their experience extends beyond a simple transaction and the customer journey reiterates the brands’ unique story or identity through various engaging ways, like live-streaming or games.

“We are constantly seeking ways to further collaborate with our brand partners to enhance the online shopping experience for customers,” said Chenxi.

With over 10,000 brands on LazMall Malaysia, businesses across all industries are realising the potential of leveraging on LazMall’s cutting-edge marketing tools, data-driven technology, and vast logistics network to deliver highly engaging and personalised experiences.

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