Kim Jong Un’s Train Missile Video Shows Hollywood Influence


North Korea released video of its new system to launch missiles from trains, offering a multitude of camera angles that show its capabilities, and underscoring Kim Jong Un’s push to increase the production value of state propaganda.

The video starts with a shot from a drone flying over train tracks that lead into a tunnel. From there, two reddish-bronze train carriages emerge pushed by a locomotive. The airborne drone footage captures men in what appear to be matching beige jumpsuits leaving a carriage, while the roof from one carriage is retracted and a missile rises.

The video of the test Wednesday of two short-range ballistic missiles then displays four different angles of one of the launches, including one from overhead, followed by shots of how the missile was set into position on the train. It was North Korea’s first test of ballistic missiles since March, and followed what Pyongyang said was a test of new, long-range cruise missiles over the weekend.