MyPentas to hold largest virtual showcase for Hari Malaysia

by AZALEA AZUAR / Pic credit:

ARTS entertainment streaming service MyPentas has announced its largest showcase #BebasDiMyPentas of new local artists in conjunction with Malaysia Day tomorrow.

A total of 16 artists will take part in this showcase — Anna Chong, Amrita Soon, Avery Fos, Azmyl Yunor, Bil Musa, Bih Zhu, Brendan De Cruz, Crinckle Cut, Jumero, Mafidz, Natasha Saas, Reening Lau, Satwo, Santosh, Trophy Knives and Volatile.

They come from a variety of genres ranging from pop, rock, funk, soul, rhythm and blues (R&B), indie to alternative rock.

MyPentas is developed by Twenty30Digital.

Muralee is excited to join forces with talented Malaysian artists and help connect them virtually with their fans

Twenty30Digital chief digital officer Muralee Pillay said he is excited to join forces with these talented Malaysian artists as well as help connect them virtually with their fans, both locally and internationally on the joyous Malaysia Day celebration.

“#BebasDiMyPentas really breaks boundaries and sets us free from lockdowns and sets free our creativity for the world to see.

“MyPentas is the +flix of quality arts entertainment, powered by a well-built system and interface, offering great content and platform for brands to build emotional engagement with specific audiences, via the shows we have,” he said in a statement yesterday.

The showcase will also contribute to the artists’ income who have been greatly affected by the pandemic since March last year.

“The importance of the performing arts in shaping Malaysia’s social fabric and defining our national brand at an international level is undeniable.

What is clear is that lockdowns and physical distancing norms have come at a great cost for both artists and audiences — affecting livelihoods, limiting creative expressions, and to an extent, the general state of wellbeing,” he added.

The #BebasDiMyPentas allows artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and be free on a digital stage.

Hosting the event would be stand-up comedian Prakash Daniel who would also be interviewing the artists regarding what they are currently doing, how they got their freedom from the pandemic through their music and their views on Malaysia Day.

On the other hand, Grace Foo from Crinkle Cut believed that Malaysia Day means tolerance.

“Collectively together, despite all our differences, I think we need tolerance more these days,” she said.

Each artist will shout out to their fans during their interview as a sign of gratitude for the support they give throughout their careers.

“Malaysian families will celebrate Malaysia Day 2021 with hope and confidence that the country will win the war against the Covid-19 pandemic,” Multimedia and Communication minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said in the same statement.

#BebasDiMyPentas can be viewed on MyPentas’ website on Sept 15 and 16.

It will kickstart with eight artists on the first day followed by another eight artists on the second day.