KPDNHEP to take stern action on unreasonable chicken price


THE Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) will continue to work with the Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry to address the issues of imported chicken feed, chicken breeds and chick prices.

KPDNHEP Minister Datuk Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi said the supply and industry is under Mafi’s regulation while KPDNHEP plays a role related to chicken price policy.

According to Nanta Linggi, KPDNHEP has no plans to introduce additional price controls other than those that had been implemented during major festive seasons under the Festive Season Maximum Price Control Scheme.

“However, if prices continue to increase beyond what is acceptable or if there are cartels influencing prices at any stage of the chain, the ministry will not hesitate to impose price restrictions.

“Over 1,000 ministry officers are constantly monitoring and gathering prices every day. In the event that price fluctuations and goods sold at unreasonable prices are recognised, immediate action will be taken on the locations,” he added.

Additionally, there are over 2,200 enforcers nationwide monitoring and ensuring that retailers continue to do business ethically.

Recently, there were reports that chicken prices spiked to RM10.70 from RM8 per kg within a week, caused by an increase in the cost of chicken feed such as corn and soybeans, which were imported.

Nanta Linggi said KPDNHEP has been taking note of complaints on social media regarding the price of chicken and the recent increase in the price of basic necessities in the market.

The minister also said he had instructed for a fresh strategy to be adopted to address the issue of growing commodity costs, particularly the price of chicken, which is a perennial issue.

The strategy was designed to allow merchants to compare the prices of items and purchasing expenses in order to get a fairer profit margin.

“Notification letters will be issued to wholesalers and retailers to engage with producers and poultry breeders where price increase is taking place.

“Hopefully, traders at all levels of the chain remain ethical in doing business and help the government to keep chicken prices stable without any sharp increases.

“If traders refuse to cooperate, stern action will be taken,” Nanta Linggi said.

The ministry’s checks on Sept 10, 2021 found that the nationwide average price of standard chicken is at RM8.83/kg.

In the Peninsula, the average price of standard chicken is RM8.78/kg and the selling price range is between RM5.99/kg to RM11/kg.

Based on KPDNHEP’s observations, premises that are selling above RM9/kg consists of wet/ public markets. The highest price is RM11/kg sold at Pasar Besar Raub, Pahang.

Meanwhile, supermarkets and hypermarkets still offer standard clean chicken at an affordable price.

The Lotus/Tesco hypermarket sells at the lowest price at RM5.99/ kg while Giant Supermarket, Mydin Supermarket and Econsave are still selling chicken between RM7.39 and RM7.99/kg.

In Sabah, the average price of standard chicken is at RM11.33/kg while in Sarawak, the average price is RM8.56/kg.

“Consumers are advised to use the Price Catcher Application to compare the prices of essential goods, including chickens sold on premises around or near within a radius 10km to better plan their purchase,” Nanta Linggi said.