Lazada’s LazMall records success ahead of 9.9 Sale

by LYDIA NATHAN / pic credit:

LAZADA’S LazMall has continued to gain traction with online shoppers for its unique quality control while recording significant growth year-on-year (YoY) with its brand partners that have leveraged its infrastructure.

The e-commerce giant now boasts of more than 110 million annual active buyers, while transactions have increased 100% YoY.

A spokesperson for the platform said LazMall functions as a virtual mall for official brand partners while focusing on quality control to protect both the buyer and brand.

“Online shoppers can shop with confidence knowing that all branded items purchased on LazMall are guaranteed to be authentic and handled with a level of care that’s reflective of the brands’ values, quality, consistency, and reputation across various categories, from groceries to electronic appliances, and more,” the spokesperson said to The Malaysian Reserve in an interview recently.

Fake products and retailers began to surface online as e-commerce platforms grew in business and products, prompting Lazada to innovate and launch this feature in 2018.

“Only official brand owners and certified distributors are eligible to sign up, as applicants go through a thorough three-step verification process. Each application will need to be backed by the necessary supporting documents to start specific LazMall stores, and are also SSM-registered businesses,” it said.

Renowned brands include Nike, Nestlé, Philips, Estée Lauder, La Mer, and plenty more.

There is also an added layer of protection for buyers because all LazMall products have a 15-day free return promise, which enables customers to return items that are damaged, defective, expired, or suspected fakes with no shipping cost.

“Customers can identify LazMall brands through a built-in digital tag that’s visible on the product title and store page while every product comes with a 100% authenticity promise by Lazada,” the spokesperson said.

Some of LazMall’s brand partners include Nestle Malaysia, who said it has become a household name for Malaysians.

“Being on LazMall enables our customers to have that assurance of brand authenticity in the digital space, which is especially important now more than ever as Malaysian’s shop for groceries online more frequently. Buyers are able to have peace of mind, knowing that our products adhere to stringent quality control and are certified halal,” executive director of sales Chew Soi Ping said.

Additionally, Nike Direct Digital Commerce, Southeast Asia and India general manager Ken Yamada said there was a huge opportunity to accelerate Nike’s digital presence in Malaysia while serving athletes with speed and precision.

“I’m excited that we can offer a reflection of Nike’s mission in our products reliably and authentically to our consumers in Malaysia with confidence through the official Nike Flagship Store on LazMall,” he said.

Meanwhile, the platform said the rising momentum of LazMall is set to continue as it further elevates the digital customer experience for brands to increase touchpoints.

“The recent introduction of the personalised LazMall Prestige portal is expected to bring forth a new era of accessible luxury for Malaysians while the appointment of award-winning South Korean superstar Hyun Bin as the first LazMall ambassador has evoked much anticipation towards LazMall offerings in the coming 9.9 Sale,” it said.

Lazada also said it added more than 3,800 brands in the last year in anticipation of the upcoming 9.9 Sale.

“With over 80% of Forbes’ Most Valuable Consumer Brands already available on LazMall and consistent record-breaking growth year after

year in new brands coming onboard locally, online shoppers are spoilt for choice and can look forward to even more brands on LazMal,” the spokesperson noted.