Zuraida plans ‘safe city’ for women


AMPANG MP Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin (picture) wants to transform the city into a “safe space” for women and girls in the middle of endemic violence.

She said it is not only the infrastructure that needs to be transformed into safe spaces but also the collective mindset.

“We are not only talking about the infrastructure, but also the collective mindset that must be adapted for sustainable development. We must deal with the endemic problem such as gender stereotyping, which has often suppressed women as well as the public health issue of the Covid-19,” Zuraida said at the virtual Malaysia Urban Forum yesterday.

According to her, women and girls should be free to move around the city as men and boys.

“We must increase public campaigns to stop street harassment to raise awareness of the importance of safe and equal access to public spaces,” stated Zuraida.

Technology is also important in ensuring safe and secure movement for women in public spaces through the smart city frame home and strategies of risk management.

“This can only be achieved by using a human-driven approach in collaboration with women organisations and government as the support system to encourage the safety of its citizens, actively participate in securing safe space and enhance their livelihoods,” she added.

Zuraida also noted that the Malaysia smart city framework is the perfect example of the federal government commitment to establish a smart, safe and sustainable city.

“Malaysia is the first in the region to build an effective and comprehensive ecosystem that offers the platform for safety measures for women and girls. This will generate a multitude of benefits to be used as an instrument for gender empowerment initiatives,” she said.

Zuraida believes that a digital blueprint will be a long-term sustainable solution for smart and safe cities.

“The city should adopt an integrated approach to digital solutions by working with stakeholders to empower women and girls to be safe in urban spaces. We have the tools to achieve gender equality goals through smart technology in digital solutions and changing mindsets. I believe in the collective effort, we will leave no one behind,” said Zuraida.