M’sian student in Cairo injured in accident, underwent surgery


KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian student Muhammad Haikal Ahmad Kabir, who fractured his left arm and right leg in a road accident in Cairo, Egypt, has safely undergone a surgery costing EGP100,000 (RM26,000).

According to Education Malaysia Egypt on Sunday via its official Facebook page, Muhammad Haikal was among five Malaysian students of Universiti Al-Azhar who were hit by a passing motorcycle while crossing a road on Friday. The other students in the party with Muhammad Haikal sustained minor injuries.

“He (Muhammad Haikal) is recovering, and the family members of those affected have been notified of the developments,” said the education attache of Malaysian Embassy in Cairo Mohd Yasser Abdul Ghani when contacted by Bernama last night.

In the incident which happened at night, the motorcycle reportedly did not have headlights installed.

All the victims were sent to Bedayat Hospital, Hayyu Tahmin, Cairo, for treatment, with only Muhammad Haikal seriously injured.

The Malaysian Embassy will ensure that the welfare and needs the victims will be taken care of, said Mohd Yasser.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Malaysian Ambassador to Cairo, Zamani Ismail, also visited the victim.