A new dawn of national revitalisation in the Merdeka spirit

The undying yearn to contribute, serve and sacrifice for the future of the country will be the ultimate drive in serving the nation


OUR historical journey since independence has seen its share of challenges and triumphs, besieged by crises and propelled to greatness in a spectrum of mixed prospects.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the related fallouts have been proven to be one of the greatest crises that has engulfed the entire nation, putting to test our resilience and resolve in overcoming challenges and moving forward.

If our past outlook is of any indicator, this crisis will again eventually be of no match against our unyielding spirit and tenacity in facing the greatest of barriers and creating future-driven revival and recovery together as a nation.

Our proven and tested institutional resilience, agility and adaptability coupled with a solid and forward-looking systemic readiness and strength will ensure that the depths of fall-out and impact of crises including this pandemic will be avoided to a large extent.

An encompassing approach and an integrated culture of embracing holistic galvanisation of resources, strength and talents across different sectors and fields for the best utilisation of expertise ensure that an impact-driven and outcome-oriented outlook remains the pivotal link in enhancing capacities and resilience.

Reliability, efficiency, systemic capabilities and support system of the essential core functionalities, and strength in the civil service, the private sector, civil society and the expansion of both hard and soft assets in knowledge, technology, human capital and infrastructure. All these are driven by the magnetism of the great common spirit of our unwavering drive to steer the nation forward with meaningful contributions and sacrifices by the most prized asset, our community of diverse Malaysians.

The core strength in our assets is nurtured and cultivated by the integration of the collective involvement of the people in creating new milestones, a manifestation and testimony of the new openings and potentials that can be harnessed by our common belief and convergence of interests and values.

In this 64th Merdeka, the appreciation and understanding of the true meaning and scope of independence, the great importance and substance to the country and the people will be given a new reimagination and perspective.

This Merdeka serves as the highest revival and conjuncture of rejuvenation and revitalisation of all of us as a nation and community of “Bangsa Malaysia” as we strive to overcome the three-pronged challenges in the health, economic and socio-political spectrum.

The spirit of Merdeka and the sacrifices of our eminent forefathers and statesmen, with the efforts and contributions by all in propelling the drive of development, prosperity, freedom and peace for the country and the people will serve as the biggest clarion call for all of us in coming together as Malaysians to create a future of progress and fulfilment for all.

The unwavering ardour and passion to serve and sacrifice, bound by the common love and loyalty to the King and the country, present as the highest stage of honour and pride in fulfilling our natural duties and obligations to the people and the country that we love and cherish.

This undying yearn to contribute, serve and sacrifice out of pride and love for the common good and for the future of the country, an honourable distinction stark in display by our past and present national heroes in various forms, will be the ultimate drive in fostering the unity and muhibbah spirit in all of us to join hands in serving the nation.

The hallmark of “Malaysia Boleh” and the indisputable pride and resolve of being a patriotic and responsible citizen of this great country renew the common bond of the big family of Malaysia that shares unique traits and prized assets where only we will be able to cherish and fully utilise at the envy of the world.

The future ahead is sealed only with the right and undivided coming together of all, transcending the old dogmas and barriers of differences and divides and pooling all resources in projecting a new dawn of potential and opportunities for the country and the people.

We have proven to the world that we have overcome the greatest obstacles in the past, fuelled by our common Malaysian fighting spirit in proving the quintessence of unity and togetherness in progressing forward and strengthening resilience.

New challenges require a new synergy of commitment where past conventional approaches are made obsolete and futile. They require the coming together and the galvanisation of pooled resources in maximising impact and outcome.

This new embracing spirit of renewal stems from the root of the community right up to the highest level of governance in ensuring an encompassing journey together towards creating new frontiers and shaping a future of prosperity for the current and next generations.

After 64 years of independence and growth, this Merdeka is uniquely special in its new sense of meaning, purpose and direction for the future, enabling the cornerstone of inclusive and futuristic progress.

Our wisdom and collective unity and sacrifice that we put forth today will create a new path of value-driven, mission-led and purpose-based future drive for our people and the country where triumph is forged, prosperity built and legacies stamped.

–Collins Chong, Kuala Lumpur

The views expressed are of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the stand of the newspaper’s owners and editorial board.