Johor Port gears up for Merdeka and Malaysia Day

by LYDIA NATHAN / pic credit: Johor Port 

JOHOR Port Bhd (Johor Port) has kickstarted the National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations today by launching its raise-the-flag campaign, ‘JPB Semarak Merdeka 2021’ which aims to spread the patriotic spirit of Malaysians nationwide.

MMC Corporation Bhd said in a statement that as part of the celebrations it had distributed the mini Jalur Gemilang flag to its Port users and various government agencies operating at its multi-purpose port.

Johor Port CEO MD Derick Basir said when the national flag was affixed to hauliers, it received good feedback, with some asking for more flags to take home.

“We received appreciative honks and thumbs-up signs from the hauliers and we want to encourage people across the country to raise the Jalur Gemilang proudly,” he said.

He also said the port had been actively participating in activities throughout the National Day month and participated in the annual Johor State level National Day parade.

“As Malaysia’s Southern Gateway Multi-Purpose Port, we want to show our pride in being Malaysian as well as to showcase the Malaysian solidarity during this challenging period.”

“Although the Johor state level National Day parade is put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Johor Port will continue to demonstrate love and patriotism for the country by enlivening the spirit of National month at Johor Port. We dedicate this year’s National Day and Malaysia Day to the dedication and perseverance of all Malaysians and the Government in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic,” Derick said.