Covid-19: 22,070 new cases


MALAYSIA reports 22,070 new cases as of noon today, as Covid resurgence is visibly seen in Borneo states.

Eight states continued to identify more than 1,000 cases in a day.

Selangor saw its new cases fall to 5,920, although the state remains the highest contributor of daily infections in the country.

Cases in Sabah remained above 3,000, with 3,010 while in Sarawak, a total of 2,224 cases were detected.

In the northern states, Kedah logged a total of 2,072 cases, followed by Penang with 1,829 cases.

Other remaining states with high number of cases are Johor (1,809), Kelantan (1,051) and Kuala Lumpur, which saw its cases back to more than 1000 with 1,068 cases.

Two states recorded double-digit cases, Perlis and Putrajaya with 76 and 39 respectively.

Only Labuan detected single digit cases at eight.