MCMC denies allegation of blocking access to international news portals


THE Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has denied the allegation that it had blocked access to articles from international news portals.

MCMC issued the statement following a viral WhatsApp application message alleging that the MCMC has blocked the access content published by foreign news portals such as the Nikkei Asia, Yahoo News !, Reuters, Al-Jazeera, The Guardian and Washington The post.

It said, upon investigation the MCMC found that the referred links (URLs) have been either intentionally or accidentally modified or shortened to mislead the users.

The action also causes any clicks over those links to lead the user to the page showing as if the articles no longer exist.

Upon investigation, MCMC also found that the related articles still exist, are accessible and have not been deleted or downloaded by relevant news portals, as alleged.

“As such, it is clear that the allegations are untrue and intentional to confuse Internet users in Malaysia,” MCMC stated in the statement. 

Accordingly, the public is reminded to constantly evaluate the essence of any messages received and stop sharing the news whose authenticity is unverified.