PPZ-MAIWP introduces RM10 campaign


THE Zakat Collection Centre of the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (PPZ-MAIWP) introduced the “RM10 Campaign” yesterday, in an effort to invite and educate the Muslim community to pay zakat with an amount as low as RM10.

PPZ-MAIWP acting CEO Abdul Hakim Amir Osman (picture) said the campaign is a start for those who have never paid zakat before.

He noted that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the group that was previously in the middle 40% (M40), even top 20% (T20) now falls to the bottom 40% (B40) group and becomes an “immediate” asnaf.

“Although the value of RM10 does not seem much, this initiative is seen to be able to help increase the collection of zakat to help the growing group of asnaf,” he said in a statement last Thursday.

Abdul Hakim added that the campaign is able to provide food for those in need, especially to those who need help when their income is affected due to job dismissal, salary cuts and so on until new asnaf are born.

The six-month campaign from July to Dec 2021 targets those with a net income or salary as low as RM1,692, which is the mandatory minimum wage for a person to pay zakat.

Therefore, PPZ-MAIWP calls on the public especially those who have never paid zakat before to start this obligatory worship and feel for yourself its benefits at where Allah will multiply their sustenance up to 700 times in variety forms such as good health, ease in solving problems, finances stable, peace of mind and many more.

The campaign is open to all new payers who pay zakat online through zakat_10.zakat.com.my and lucky payers stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as video recording cameras and smartwatches.

Those who have any questions can email to [email protected] or via Facebook Messenger at m.me/myzakat for further information.