Patient decanting directed to Johor


ALL major private hospitals in Johor Bahru and Nusajaya are prepared to receive decanted patients from government hospitals as the numbers of Covid-19 patients in Johor are increasing.

This move is being adopted after the success of the process in the Klang Valley.

Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia (APHM) president Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh said currently the focus of decanting will be directed to Johor.

“Some private hospitals in the Klang Valley are beginning to have fewer Covid-19 patients in the past week but the number of patients on respiratory support in the intensive care units (ICUs) remains high.

“The prospect of admitting more Covid-19 patients in Category 4 and 5 is still a challenge in most private hospitals as many of the sick patients are still not recovering fast enough in the limited number of ICUs,” he said in a statement today.

Since August 10, 2021, government hospitals have decanted more than 1,592 non Covid-19 patients to various private hospitals in the Klang Valley to make more space in their wards to treat Covid-19 patients.

According to Dr Kuljit, this has proven to be successful as the recent reports have shown a decreased number of patients waiting at the government hospital emergency departments to be admitted into a Covid-19 ward.

“This effort to increase space in public hospitals wards is together with the internal decanting among the public hospitals and increased vaccination within Klang Valley.

“The Secretary General of the Health Ministry (MOH), The Malaysian Armed Forces Health KOR, Deputy Health DG (Public Health) and APHM worked the entire process of decanting seamlessly and all patients received appropriate treatment at the private hospitals with additional discounts provided by all private hospitals as a service to the nation,” he added.

Dr Kuljit said the vaccination has most likely proven its effectiveness based on the current slight decrease of Covid-19 patient admission both in public and private hospitals.

“We hope more people will get themselves vaccinated in the next few months including those outside Klang Valley.

“However, all private hospitals will stay vigilant as the pandemic is still not certain to be over as for now and the possibility of variants are still to be watched closely,” he concluded.