Women Netpreneur programme for women in e-commerce


THE Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative Ministry (Medac) has collaborated with SME Corp Malaysia to help women entrepreneurs to master e-commerce through its Women Netpreneur programme. 

It also collaborated with non-profit organisation Gorgeous Geeks Malaysia to improve digital skills among women entrepreneurs as well as increase their income and marketability. 

“Women entrepreneurs are important contributors to the economy and we cannot ignore them. 

“Therefore, it is important that we help them, especially those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Medac Deputy Minister Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin during the virtual launch yesterday. 

According to Mas Ermieyati, women entrepreneurs have contributed about RM69.1 billion to the country’s GDP, based on the Economic Census 2016 by the Department of Statistics Malaysia. 

Additionally, women-owned businesses have also created a total of 786,132 job opportunities with a salary of RM11.1 billion. 

“Medac is very committed to empowering women in the country’s economic development. 

“We will continue to support the Women Netpreneur programme by intensifying engagement sessions with women entrepreneurs,” Mas Ermieyati added. 

To-date, the Women Netpreneur has trained about 2,280 women entrepreneurs and 80% of them have successfully subscribed to online shopping platforms such as Facebook, Shopee and Lazada to market their businesses. 

Meanwhile, SME Corp Malaysia chairman Datuk Seri Syed Hussien Al Habshee said the Women Netpreneur is expected to benefit 480 women entrepreneurs. 

“SME Corp has supported the programme through our funds from the Micro Connector. 

“Due to the encouraging response, the second series of the Women Netpreneur will continue from August to November 2021,” he said. 

Syed Hussein said the Micro Connector is an ongoing initiative of SME Corp to provide early-stage facilitation to help micro-enterprises in conducting business more efficiently. 

Among the programmes designed specifically for women entrepreneurs are e-commerce training, creative sewing art courses, child-care workshops and beauty courses, which have benefitted 1,671 participants to-date.