JF Tech to distribute test contacting solutions

by S BIRRUNTHA / pic credit: jf-technology.com

JF TECHNOLOGY Bhd (JF Tech) has been appointed as the agent for the sale and distribution of South Korea’s leading global test solution provider ISC Co Ltd’s test contacting solution products in China, Malaysia and Asean.

In a statement yesterday, JT Tech stated THAT its subsidiaries JFH Technology (Kunshan) Co Ltd and JF Microtechnology Sdn Bhd (JFM) have separately entered into agency agreements with ISC.

Under the agreements, JFH Technology and JFM expect to become original equipment manufacturers of spring probe test sockets under JF Technology’s own brand name, integrating its own test socket housing with ISC’s spring probe pins starting from the third quarter ended March 31, 2022.

JF Tech’s MD Datuk Foong Wei Kuong sees strong synergies between the two parties, adding that there are four essential segments in the overall test socket market space currently valued at over US$1 billion (RM4.24 billion), continuing to grow at a very aggressive pace.

He added that JF Tech is one of the leaders in short rigid pin sockets catering for 5G and other high frequency test applications and cantilever sockets for automotive and high-power test applications.

He also noted that ISC is the world leader for silicone rubber sockets for memory and spring probe sockets for microprocessors and universal test applications.

With the agency appointment, Foong said JF Tech now has all four major test socket offerings, providing complete one-stop solutions to its customers.

“Our current customers are potential users of ISC’s rubber or spring probe sockets and we are now able to offer additional services and solutions to them under our JF Tech’s one-stop shop. Now every semiconductor manufacturing company is a potential customer.

“This partnership will significantly enhance our value proposition as we can offer holistic and seamless solutions to our customers in China including Huawei, Malaysia and Asean,” he added.

Foong stated that the partnership is a big plus for JF Tech as it can increase its sales and generate additional recurring income through the test consumables, which are recurring sales given the massive market size and high demand for such products.

He noted that these two product lines are more than ten times the market size of short rigid pins and cantilevers combined.

“Together with ISC, we can further seize opportunities from China — the world’s biggest semiconductor market large-scale semiconductor localization plan and the global semiconductor growth.

“Looking beyond the agency arrangement, this partnership also brings more possibilities for us. We will be manufacturing the spring probe test sockets housing and integration at our upcoming manufacturing facility in Kunshan, China,” he said.

He expects the partnership to contribute positively to JF Tech’s earnings from the financial year ending June 30, 2022 onwards.

Based in South Korea and established in 2001, ISC is one of the world’s top test solution providers and leader in silicone rubber sockets and spring probe sockets.

It also manufactures other types of test sockets, burn-in sockets, probe cards and connectors which are used in the testing of integrated circuits for various applications.

ISC is listed on the Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations of Korea Exchange with a market capitalisation of more than US$400 million.