Covid-19: 19,991 cases, 201 deaths

MALAYSIA’s Covid-19 cases climbed to 19,991 as of noon today, pushing the total positive cases in the country to 1,299,767.

After three days of reporting a decline, Selangor saw its cases soar to 7,338, followed by Kuala Lumpur with 2,374 cases.

Cases in Kedah also remained high with 1,830, while Sabah, Johor and Kelantan continued to record four digit cases with 1,383, 1,344 and 1,030 respectively.

Only Putrajaya and Perlis reported double digit cases with 76 and 24 while Labuan detected a single case within 24 hours.

Malaysia’s death toll also rose to 11,162, as 201 deaths were reported yesterday. Out of these deaths, 34 were brought-in-dead (BID) cases, involving 13 Malaysians and 21 non-Malaysians.

There are now 230,762 active cases nationwide, where the number of patients seeking treatment in the ICU now stood at 1,096, with 570 are intubated.

However, 16,258 patients have recovered, bringing the number of total recoveries to 1,057,843.
29 new clusters were identified, where 17 of them were from the workplaces, while the remaining were from community and religious activity clusters.

Another nine cases related to the special Parliament sitting detected, bringing the total number of cases to 97.–TMR