PM announces some relaxations for fully vaccinated

The relaxation, effective tomorrow, will be for those residing in states under NRP’s Phase 2 onwards


THE government will be easing restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals who reside in states under Phase 2 and above of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), effective tomorrow.

Prime Minister (PM) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said among the restrictions being lifted include dine-ins, inter-district travel, sports and recreational activities without physical contact as well as tourism activities within the state involving homestays and hotels.

Muhyiddin announced the relaxation of restrictions in a special address yesterday.

Individuals who wanted to travel across districts must show their digital certificate of Covid-19 vaccination to enforcement officers manning roadblocks, he said.

For dine-ins, PM advised the public to choose well-ventilated premises and only if necessary, or take-away, as well as not to stay too long in the premises.

He stressed that the risk of infections was higher during dine-ins compared to other social activities and advised restaurant operators to provide more outdoor dining space for better ventilation and ensure that those who enter the premises for dine-in purposes had been fully vaccinated.

“For married couples who are fully vaccinated and would like to bring their children below age 17 for dine-ins, make sure your children adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs),” he said.

Indoor and half-indoor sports and recreational activities will be allowed with physical distancing from 6am to 10pm.

These include jogging, exercising, taichi, cycling, skateboarding, fishing, equestrian, archery, hiking, tennis, badminton, golfing and motoring.

“Dine-ins at clubhouse restaurants or cafes will be allowed, however, the changing rooms and showers at the clubhouses are off-limits to avoid gathering after sports and reduce Covid-19 transmission risk,” he said.

Meanwhile, homestay and hotel operators must ensure that their patrons show the digital Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

He also stressed that the relaxations, especially the dine-ins and sports activities, did not mean that the community could ignore the existing SOPs.

“I have instructed Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin, who is also the SOPs Compliance and Enforcement Coordination Committee chairman, to ensure that the relevant ministries and agencies will intensify the enforcement and monitoring activities.

“I would like to stress that each ministry and agency monitoring the relaxation, including on owners or premises, must be fully responsible for its (relaxation) implementation to ensure stipulated guidelines are complied with to prevent unsafe situations,” he said.

Muhyiddin said measures to control the pandemic also required concerted efforts by the government and the people.

“In allowing the relaxation, the government will also ensure public health strategic plans, which are now on the right track, continue to be implemented, especially through screenings, close contact detection, isolation measures, as well as improving healthcare capacity and treatment options,” he said.

He added that the government will revoke these relaxations if there is violation of guidelines and SOPs.

If infections occur in premises that enjoy these privileges, Muhyiddin said the Health Ministry will take immediate actions, including conducting a risk reassessment, and added that those premises could also face closure or be slapped with compounds if SOPs violation occurs.

“As Malaysians, we have a collective responsibility to contain this pandemic. Indeed, the relaxation is a testament of the government’s trust that those fully vaccinated can make their own judgment in facing the threats of Covid-19 which is now widespread in the community,” he said.

The government is also easing restrictions related to quarantine and travel for fully vaccinated individuals throughout the country.

With this relaxation, fully vaccinated long distance married couples can reunite while parents can also cross district and state borders to meet their under-18 children.

“Malaysian travellers and non-citizens with homes in Malaysia (including permanent residents and Malaysia My Second Home participants) who are fully vaccinated are allowed to undergo home quarantine on their return to the country and will be given a digital Home Surveillance Order,” he added.

On attending prayers at mosques and suraus, the government has allowed only prayer activities for those fully vaccinated and this is applicable to all phases of the NRP and worshippers must immediately leave after performing their prayers.

“This is also granted to non-Muslims at their houses of worship, and it is subject to the state religious authorities and National Unity Ministry for houses of worship other than Islam,” he said.

Meanwhile, relaxations for economic sectors for fully vaccinated individuals will be announced soon.

“The relaxations for economic sectors are being discussed and will be considered at the National Security Council special meeting, and I will announce them soon,” Muhyiddin said.