Anwar: PM continues to mislead King, public with majority claim


PRIME Minister (PM) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin continues to mislead the King and the people with claims that he still commands majority support among the lawmakers, said Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (picture).

The Port Dickson MP said in a live broadcast that with the number of Umno members withdrawing their support for the PM, the Opposition bloc now has the majority.

“How can a PM continue to give out a false statement and lie to the King saying that he has the number?

“Umno said now more than eight of their members have pulled support from Muhyiddin.

“With the 105 seats in the Opposition bloc in addition to at least eight Umno MPs, is it not true that the MPs who reject the PM have the majority?”

Citing the Perak constitutional crisis in 2009, Anwar said the King has the power to summon and question the majority of a political leader.

“Many quarters said it is not for the King to decide. The Perak constitutional crisis proved otherwise when its Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar (Jamaluddin) at the time was removed from his position.

“Tuanku Sultan Perak did not wait for the state assembly. When it was confirmed that the MB had lost the majority, Tuanku Sultan decided to meet all the assemblymen and appoint a new MB.

“The matter was brought to the court and it ruled that the power of the Royal Institution could not be challenged…and in this case, when the King believes that Muhyiddin has lost his majority,” he added.

Anwar said any motions proposed previously at the Parliament to prove Muhyiddin’s majority support have been intentionally rejected by the government.

Meanwhile, Pas said Umno’s withdrawal from PN is regrettable and does not align with the National Consensus signed between the two parties.

“Pas expressed regret over the move by Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Umno president who ordered Umno MPs to withdraw from the PN government.

“The action is not in line with the spirit of unification according to the National Consensus.

“It will indirectly undermine the planning of the National Recovery Plan and efforts to address the spread of the Covid-19, as well as the efforts to help people who are badly affected,” he said in a separate statement.

However, he added that Pas remains confident with the fundamental of the National Consensus, which is based on the unity of the nation and building a Malay-Muslim coalition for the sake of political stability, racial harmony and state welfare.