Macrokiosk, DOC2US deploy jab appointment system

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MACRO Kiosk Bhd and homegrown healthtech company DOC2US are deploying a vaccination appointment programme starting with the Setia City Convention Centre vaccination centre (PPV).

The collaboration is aimed to enhance the vaccine recipients’ registration experience and overall immunisation journey to boost the nation’s vaccination rate through digital solutions, while contributing to the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NCIP).

In a statement, the digital technology company said with the “Bold. Configurable Interactive Chat”, DOC2US will configure, automate and deliver timely one-to-one messages via WhatsApp to vaccine recipients for appointment updates, confirmation and reminder.

Its group CEO Datuk Henry Goh said the solution is the first of its kind to enable the delivery of automated vaccination appointment messages.

“We are most certainly proud to be able to support the NCIP and collaborate with DOC2US with our Bold. solutions, which empower various communication needs in multiple industries, including healthcare,” he said.

Meanwhile, DOC2US CEO Raymond Choy said manual notifications can be a tedious process and Bold. will enable it to become a more streamlined process.

“We hope to have the opportunity to scale up and encourage more PPVs to employ digital solutions for the efficient execution of the vaccination programme for the benefit of the people,” he said.

Additionally, DOC2US chief technology officer Tan Aik-Keong said this will mark the first time for a WhatsApp implementation system for the group.

“We only had a week’s time from conceptualisation to production.

“We are thankful to Macrokiosk’s business development and technical teams who worked round-the-clock with us to achieve this on schedule,” Tan noted.