Tony Pua slams Health Minister for failing to present MOH plans


DAMANSARA MP Tony Pua (picture) slams Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba today for the latter’s failure to present the Health Ministry’s (MOH) plans under the National Recovery Plan (NRP).

Pua also criticised Dr Adham for avoiding the “find, trace, test, isolate and support (FTTIS)” strategy during his speech in Parliament yesterday.

In a statement today, Tony said it was “completely surreal” that Adham’s 55-minute speech did not mention FTTIS even once when it was a critical component of the NRP, outlined in Chapter 10.

He said there were no proposed new strategies to be adopted by the Ministry to replace the highly ineffective sweeping lockdowns which have destroyed livelihoods.

“There is no discussion of the policy’s successes or failures over the past 16 months as no review was made of how the policy direction needs to be adapted and re-focused to learn from past mistakes.

“The entire 55-min speech had absolutely zero mention of the National Recovery Plan as presented by the Finance Minister and Prime Minister just a day earlier.

“There was no discussion at all, as to its utter and complete failure,” he said.

Pua added that the NRP made FTTIS the single most important strategy as it focuses on mass expansion of testing through government and community efforts.

“I call Dr Adham to immediately endorse the NRP and present the MoH plans and enforce the strategies expounded in the NRP to ensure that Malaysia can finally recover from the repeated failures of the PN government in the fight against Covid-19. 

“If he fails to do so, then we repeat our call for Dr Adham to resign or be sacked, and a competent Minister be appointed in his place to deliver the goals of the NRP,” Pua said.