Over 200 organisations back #RasuahBusters to eradicate corruption


KUALA LUMPUR – More than 200 organisations are collaborating with the #RasuahBusters anti-corruption movement since its launch in January, which aims to eradicate all forms of corruption in the country.

In a statement today, it said the ‘Coalition of the Willing’, involving a few million members, has been meeting regularly to discuss, debate and formulate strategies in streamlining their efforts against corruption, while promoting good governance and integrity across institutions and Malaysians.

In the statement, Datuk Hussamuddin Yaacub, Core Team Leader of #RasuahBusters, said: “The rehabilitation from this corruption culture should be carried out in a holistic manner and takes into account the views of every member in the Coalition, who understand their respective target segments best.”

“I am encouraged by the massive support from every spectrum of our society, including the youth of Malaysia who are committed to fusing integrity into their belief system. Even though our journey has just begun, I pray there will be no place for corruption to hide anymore.”

The statement added that #RasuahBusters collaboration with the organisations under the banner of ‘Malaysia Without Corruption’ is to save the country from a “moral pandemic” that is crippling the nation and must be reversed.

In carrying out its anti-corruption mission with the various organizations, #RasuahBusters has also activated six campaigns, namely #RakyatBenciRasuah, #BeliaBenciRasuah (#Youths Hate Corruption), #PendakwahBenciRasuah (#Preachers Hate Corruption), #KerajaanTanpaRasuah (#Government Without Corruption), #BisnesTanpaRasuah (#Business Without Corruption) and #PilihanrayaTanpaRasuah (#Elections Without Corruption).