DHL Express to hire 40% more export compliance officers in Malaysia

by TMR

DHL Express has planned to increase its workforce by 40% at its Asia Pacific Export Compliance Centre (APECC) in Malaysia by year-end.

The global leading express service provider said APECC plays a pivotal role in ensuring legal and regulatory compliance are aligned with global standards.

“More than a million shipments pass through our global network daily. To remain the provider-of-choice, it’s critically important that we stay on top of regulatory changes across the 40 markets in the region so that we deliver the best service to our customers,” DHL Express Asia Pacific CEO Ken Lee said in a statement yesterday.

Situated in Kuala Lumpur, APECC was established in 2015 to ensure shipments through the network are compliant with evolving international shipping regulations.

This includes understanding current rules and new sanctions from both origin and destination of the shipment, and helping customers understand the import and export process.

It is one of the three centres globally besides one in Europe and Central America.