RHB promotes cashless donation via #JomDerma


RHB Banking Group is making it convenient for donors to make contributions to any causes via its digital platform RHB #JomDerma.

The cashless donation platform connects various types of non-profit organisations with prospective donors.

The group said #JomDerma enables donations to be made to almost all types of registered organisations in the country including charitable organisations, welfare homes and religious bodies.

Relevant background checks are conducted on all participating non-profit organisations before their DuitNow QR codes are displayed on the digital platform.

The QR codes may also be available in various physical or digital locations to facilitate transfers.

RHB MD of group community banking Jeffrey Ng said the group noticed that the prolonged Movement Control Order has led to more people asking for help on social media.

“RHB #JomDerma makes it easier for donors to identify their preferred causes and the non-profit organisations they would like to support or contribute to, and this can be done by making cashless donations through a safe and secure digital platform,” said Ng in a statement yesterday.

Contributions can be made by the public regardless of their bank accounts as the platform is maintained via DuitNow QR code or through participating e-Wallets.

The group said the initiative complements its existing syuQR donation platform under RHB Islamic Bank which caters to public contributions towards mosques that are registered with the bank.