Floods hit 12 areas in Penampang after continuous rain


PENAMPANG – Twelve areas in Penampang comprising 11 villages and a housing estate were inundated after heavy rain poured continuously from 3.50pm yesterday till early this morning.

The Penampang District Disaster Management Secretariat in a statement today said the villages affected included Kampung Tuavon, Kampung Kambau, Kampung Dabak, Kampung Nambazan, Kampung Soboong Kolopis, Kampung Tindai Kolopis and Kampung Kolopis.

Other villages were Kampung Inobong, Kampung Kibabaig, Kampung Gunsing and Penampang Proper, as well as the housing estate, Taman Donggongon.

“Apart from that Sekolah Menengah St Michael Penampang was also flooded and all agencies are cooperating to monitor several flood-prone areas and the water level of Sungai Moyog was also seen to be rising.

“An evacuation centre at the Club House of Penampang Sports Complex has been opened even though no victims have move in yet,” according to the statement.

Several roads were also flooded, among them were Jalan Datuk Panglima Banting, Jalan Dakata, Jalan Kasigui, Jalan Tuavon, Jalan Kolopis, Jalan Inobong, Jalan Kibabaig, Jalan Bulatan Siga, Jalan Edmund Labunda and Jalan Nambazan.

The Meteorological Department on Tuesday issued a bad weather warning with continuous rain in several areas of Sabah starting Wednesday until today.