GDEX activates data recovery and security mitigation plan following security breach

by TMR / pic credit: GDEX

GDEX Berhad has activated its Data Recovery and Security Mitigation Plan following a recent cyber security breach to its financial server.

In a filing to Bursa Malaysia, the company said based on investigations since the incident, there is no indication of leakage of confidential information, including customers data.

“We have always taken cyber security seriously by investing heavily in the necessary equipment and solutions. Despite the security measures and procedures put in place, we have regrettably fallen victim to an incident.

“Fortunately, all systems are operating without disruptions as the incident is confined to one specific server of our system. It is business as usual for us,” said GDEX.

It also assured customers that their data is safe and secure.

“At the same time, we are currently taking immediate and appropriate actions to further reinforce existing security checks and safety measures to guard against further cyber security breaches,” said GDEX Berhad Managing Director and Group CEO Teong Teck Lean.

There is no financial impact reported.

GDEX is cooperating fully with the authorities.

The management has reported the incident to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and lodged a police report.


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