Principled politics and national resilience in overcoming unprecedented crisis

With our common spirit, oneness and resilience, the light shines bright at the end of the tunnel


NEVER has the country’s socioeconomic and political spectrum been tested and undergone such pervasive twists and changes for the last few years, and this coupled with the greatest threat to the nation’s development and survival with the Covid-19 pandemic has radically transformed the norms and decades of common expectations and projections.

The political firestorm and the strains of Covid and their mutations have upended decades of projected progress and journey towards prosperity and modernisation that are hoped to culminate, ironically, in 2020.

Little did every Malaysian know that the common dream that has long been embedded in our mind would have evaporated in such a devastating and unprecedented crisis and emergency that the nation and the world over are facing. The decades-old maxim of political stability and adherence to the democratic foundation of the government — that is of, by and for the people — seems to be fading as fast as the virus continues to rage in the country and the world.

The values, principles and foundation that built the nation, forged by the collective will and sacrifices of the people in seeking a democratic, fair, just and principled governance and rule will tumble under the forces of power politics, and the constant quest and scramble for power and positions in a political sphere, where there is no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests where the end always justifies the means.

Debates abound on the need or legitimacy to seek for the best, most competent and capable government that fulfils the mandate and support of the many in a democratic arena to steer the country out of this unprecedented crisis.

Political power plays and the robbing of rights and erosion of democratic principles should be avoided (Pic by BERNAMA)

Various political modes and manoeuvres have been put forth ranging from an interim prime minister (PM) in a National Operations Council-like special council to a swift replacement of the PM in a constant strategising and jostling for various tie-ups and coalition-building for the formation of the government, with all seemingly geared towards better addressing the crisis, at least on paper.

The common people — who have been the most affected and at the receiving end of this triple whammy of political, economic and health crises for at least two years now — are yearning for one aspiration: To get out of this doldrum in the fastest, safest, impactful and democratic way pillared on real and genuine efforts by all Malaysians in driving us forward and out of this devastating chapter in the history of the country.

It must be thrusted upon the fundamental aspects of respecting the rights and mandate of the people, democracy and freedom, and the platform for fairness and justice. Politics that are driven by lust of power, influence and interests will only lead to a path of destruction in tearing up the fabric of a just and democratic principle that has stood by in forming the backbone of the nation.

The time has come for politics in Malaysia to be matured, highly principled, pillared on values of integrity, justice, good governance and social responsibility and set upon the unshakeable foundation of democratic practices that are driven by the rights and voices of the people at the central front in leading the way forward instead of being bogged down by constant partisan bickering and disputes, political outplay and manoeuvrings, and power politics where the people are at the mercy of.

The common love and loyalty to the King, the country and the people should and must be the priority of all Malaysians, irrespective of partisan belief, affiliation, gender, race, religion or creed. The unifying bond of love and loyalty to the country first will set the tone for common respect and cultivation of the values that are rightfully needed to steer the nation ahead.

Politics of conscience, principle, justice and respect will oil the path towards a synergised landscape of politics and governance that will involve greater participation and involvement of the people, and closer ties and connection between the elected representatives and the people in developing the country forward.

Political power plays and the robbing of rights and erosion of democratic principles should be avoided by all political parties and institutions in ensuring a stable and mature political system and governance that will ensure the rights and welfare of all.

What is politically right cannot be morally wrong and what is morally wrong cannot be politically right.

Unity in the people and a solidified and common love for the nation and the country will chart new frontiers for the people and the country, and in strengthening the foundation and fundamentals of the principles built for the prosperity of the country and in ensuring good governance for all that is derived from the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

We yearn for the people, the politicians, the stakeholders, and each and every Malaysian to put aside differences, interests, pursuit of power, greed, agenda and all other matters of conflicting objectives to come together and join hands in serving the nation and in carrying out our duties and responsibilities as proud citizens of this blessed country, to mark a new chapter of revival and birth of a new and better Malaysia.

We have never lacked the resolve and will to overcome challenges together and we have always come out stronger. Tried, tested, challenged, battered and bruised with the crises, but reborn with a new dawn of better days ahead.

The world can write off the country at its own peril and if there is one thing that will ensure that we will come out of this better and stronger, it is the unique unyielding spirit, drive, tenacity and the “Malaysia Boleh” tenet that have been deeply embedded in every one of us to eventually rise to the occasion.

This common threat of the virus and the devastation it caused calls for the conscience of all Malaysians to accept the clarion call of doing our part and executing our duties as proud citizens for the survival and future of the country, the world and humanity.

One might quickly lose hope amid the enormity of the situation and the unfathomable depth of the crisis. History and our collective strength have proven otherwise. For this challenge is bigger than any political party or interests, race, creed, affiliation or status. This challenge has tested our resolve and resilience as a country and we can prove that we can rise above it to not only create a new path of great recovery and comeback as a nation, but also to contribute to humanity’s collective strength in combating this crisis and creating a better tomorrow.

With our common spirit, oneness and resilience as a forward-looking nation of unity and progress, the light shines bright at the end of the tunnel and the best is yet to come.

  • Colins Chong, Kuala Lumpur.

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