Sunway Education invests RM300m in new international school

The new SIS campus which is located in USJ Subang Jaya will span across 2.83ha 


SUNWAY Education Group plans to invest RM300 million to build an all-new purpose-built Sunway International School (SIS) campus in Sunway City, Kuala Lumpur which will commence officially in 2023. 

Sunway International Schools ED and Sunway College director of pre-university studies Dr Cheng Mien Wee said the new SIS campus which is located in USJ Subang Jaya and span across seven acres (2.83ha) and able to house some 1,500 students, comprising primary school, middle school, high school and pre-university education.

“For now, there are two campuses of SIS in Malaysia, one in Sunway City and this is the campus that we are now expanding. The second campus is in Sunway Iskan- dar, Johor. We currently don’t have a campus yet overseas. The enrolment for new students has begun this year,” she said during a press briefing of the exclusive sneak preview of the new SIS campus on Wednesday. 

Sunway Education Group CEO Professor Elizabeth Lee (picture) said the student enrolment in SIS, Sunway University and Sunway College have been doing well despite the challenges imposed by the Covid- 19 pandemic. 

She added that the Sunway Education Group has been working hard to ensure the students’ studies are not disrupted as much as possible. 

“In terms of campuses, we open whenever we are able to because we realise the importance of face-to-face interaction for our students. 

“In the cases of those students who can’t be with us for a host of reasons, such as they might not be in the country for example, they will have the opportunity to follow the classes online,” she said. 

Commenting on the students’ academic fees, Cheng noted that there is no reduction in fees charged by the Sunway Education Group despite most of their classes running virtually. 

“SIS is already familiar with online learning, as we call ourselves a laptop school. So, it is nothing new for us. Classes are all migrated from face-to-face to online. 

“Since the school started back in 2008, we have already implemented our laptop programme where students do online classes which means they are already familiar with the process,” she said. 

The SIS is a member of Sunway Education Group, which currently provides the Ontario School curriculum to its students which is ranked among the world’s best in school education. 

All educators in SIS are qualified teachers with degrees from recognised universities, with the vast majority of them being trained in Canada and received an annual certification by the Ontario College of Teachers. 

The SIS infrastructure and facilities provide a vibrant learning environment for diverse learners to discover their full potential.