Saifuddin: Jendela on track to achieve its target


THE implementation of the national digital infrastructure plan, the Jalinan Digital Negara (Jendela), is progressing as planned in achieving its target of a gradual 5G technology transition, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah (picture).

He said the progress of the Jendela initiative has been closely monitored by the Jendela Implementation Committee, which comprises the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and industry players.

Based on this development, Jendela is expected to provide better broadband services and customer experience across the country, while providing high-impact benefits to people’s daily life.

“Jendela carries the aspiration of increasing the coverage and consolidation of the country’s sustainable and inclusive Internet connectivity and infrastructure.

“MCMC and the service providers also have presented the latest progress of the efforts in ensuring premises have access to fibre optics, construction of new sites, upgrading existing transmitter stations and the termination of the 3G network by December 2021,” Saifuddin said in a statement yesterday.

He said the committee has been planning for the establishment of a “map” for Jendela, which is one of the targets in Phase 1 of the initiative.

“The platform will serve as a one-stop centre which provides various facilities such as checking the network coverage at users’ area, as well as giving feedback and requesting new services from their respective service providers.

“All feedback sent through the platform will be channelled to the service providers to enable them to plan a better service and connectivity.”

The Jendela report contains information related to business operations costs for the construction of towers and roof structures.

It also has reports on network complaints and efforts taken by MCMC and service providers in resolving them, Saifuddin added.

“The government’s decision to gazette telecommunications as a public utility not only ensures better access, but also high-quality and affordable services for the country.

“All states are also urged to continue giving priority in facilitating the implementation of connectivity projects.

“The ministry will continue to comprehensively monitor the progress of the initiatives to meet the demand of the growing population,” he said.


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