Political situation instigates tension among Malaysians


THE current political situation is getting overwhelming in the country, that it caused tension among Malaysians according to Ipsos study entitled “Our Polarised World”. 

It said that the public are increasingly dissatisfied with not only the government’s performance in mitigating Covid-19 and the imposed economic shutdown, the political decision is adding up the public deterrent and putting them under fire. 

The study showed political party polarisation has illuminated the tension among the Malaysian added with financial worries, and the divide in economic and social development in both urban and rural areas.

The study was conducted among 23,004 active adults. Seventy-seven percent who supported different political parties agreed that it is among the biggest source of tension. 

In Malaysia, the tension is strongly felt when it comes to support for different political parties — across most countries, the tension between rich and poor tend to be the highest. 

Ipsos Public Affairs associate director Lars Erik Lie said as globalisation has tied the world closer together in recent decades, the parallel trend has been an ever-increasing polarisation within societies. 

The new tensions have arisen and are felt differently across countries, communities and families.