realme aims 100 mil 5G smartphones users in three years


AS one of the fastest growing smartphone brands, realme has expressed their commitment to bring 5G smartphones to 100 million young users over the next three years.

The target was presented during their virtual 5G summit in collaboration with GSMA, Counterpoint Research and Qualcomm on June 3, 2021.

realme also unveiled new models within the GT series that focus on 5G performance and flagship cameras, to be launched in June and July 2021.

The arrival of these new devices are part of realme’s corporate initiatives to promote the adoption of 5G globally. 

With the theme ‘Making 5G Global: Accessibility to all’, leaders from industry associations, research institutions, component vendors and device manufacturers came forward to share their insights on several 5G topics. 

Among the topics discussed were about the driving forces behind global 5G connectivity and the technical aspects to 5G evolution, the relationship between 5G and the younger generation, and ways to further facilitate 5G accessibility.

During the summit, realme affirmed their commitment to popularise 5G by pledging to advance the adoption of 5G in global markets, which will bring technology to more users around the world. 

While realme managed to launch 14 5G devices in 21 global markets that covered around 40% of its output in 2020, they aim to increase the number of 5G offerings to 20 devices across 50 markets in 2022, which covers 70% of their products.

realme is also planning to take major strides in the global industry by launching 5G mobile phones at a price point of USD 100 (RM415) within the next few years. This will increase the adoption of 5G devices across developing countries.

The Vice President and CEO of realme India and Europe, Madhav Sheth, said they are committed to exploring new design concepts and technical innovations to bring users slimline and stunning 5G devices with powerful performance.

“We believe that in the 5G era, helping to accelerate the adoption of this new technology is a crucial mission for realme. We will work hard to help popularise 5G by listening more to consumers’ needs, pushing forward product innovation, and helping to build the broader 5G ecosystem with our industry partners,” he said. 

Meanwhile, realme’s Brand Director, Johnny Chen, explained that the younger generation has a greater affinity with 5G, as they are looking for ways to connect and express themselves virtually.

“As a brand that’s dedicated to young consumers, realme tries to listen carefully to what they expect from 5G technology and get them more involved in the process of creating a better 5G user experience. By empowering the young, we hope they can, in turn, become the forerunners of 5G adoption and help lead more people into the 5G era,” he said.

This year, realme plans to set up more than 10 5G pop-up stores worldwide, allowing the younger generation to enjoy the 5G experience through cloud gaming, Augmented Reality (AR) technology, live broadcasting and other popular 5G apps.

GSMA Intelligence Principal Economist, Kalvin Bahia said as of May this year, 60 countries around the world had launched 5G, with 12 of them being new markets mostly in Asia.

“While the growth of 5G coverage is encouraging, a survey by GSMA shows that other barriers remain for widespread adoption of the new technology amongst consumers, such as affordability of the devices, lack of digital literacy and skills, and costs of mobile data. But nevertheless, the transition to 5G is inevitable across the world, and 5G is expected to bring USD 600 billion (RM 2.5 trillion) to the global economy over the next decade,” he said.

Meanwhile, Counterpoint Research Vice President and Research Director, Peter Richardson, agreed that 5G growth has been impressive and the rapid decline in smartphone prices is one of the key drivers.

“By the end of last year, we saw some highly competitive 5G products offered at affordable prices in China, with realme being the most aggressive with its V3 5G selling at around USD 145 (RM601). realme is helping to popularise the technology across many other countries with a series of compelling products with great specifications at surprisingly affordable prices,” he said.

The President of Qualcomm India and SAARC, Rajen Vagadia, said the upgrade of 5G processors is pushing platform processing performance to impressive levels, which allows them to maximise the significant improvements seen in today’s smartphone components and hardware.

“Just as important, we are delivering 5G to all tiers, ensuring it is accessible to broad segments across developed and emerging markets alike,” he said.

To support the global adoption of 5G products, realme will introduce seven research and development (R&D) centers around the world by 2021. These R&D centers will be dedicated to exploring innovative 5G technologies and products.

While 90% of realme’s R&D resources have already been converted to 5G technologies and products, realme is expected to invest USD 300 million (RM1.2 billion) globally in 5G technology research and product development, while promoting 5G popularisation. 

realme is also working closely with telcos such as Celcom by offering realme 8 5G devices along with the best phone plans for Malaysians. Users can get their hands on the realme 8 5G with Dynamic RAM Expansion (DRE) technology. DRE uses the storage memory (ROM) to act as RAM when required, with up to 13GB of storage space.

By signing up for the Celcom MEGA Lightning L Plus Plan, users will receive the realme 8 5G for free. Users will enjoy 90GB worth of lightning-speed Internet as well as unlimited calls to all networks. Visit any Celcom stores to find out more.

To find out more about realme’s initiatives in 5G development, head over to their Facebook and Instagram page. 

Written by: Asyraf Khalib
This article originally appeared on Harian Metro with rights to be republished on The Malaysian Reserve.