Prism’s E2E solutions for SE Asian brands

The online platform is likely to add make-up, cosmetics and skincare brands into the ecosystem

by NUR HAZIQAH A MALEK / Pic Source: Pomelo

THAI-BASED omnichannel fashion platform Pomelo has launched Prism, an online platform to cater to end-to-end (E2E) needs of brands across South-East Asia by utilising the former’s creative skillset, technology capabilities and market expertise.

Malaysia, due to its diversity and versatility in pop culture, has been identified by the brand as a vibrant and colourful environment for fashion.

Pomelo CEO David Jou (picture) said Prism will be available for brands in Malaysia, but is likely to add make-up, cosmetics and skincare brands into the ecosystem.

“With more people joining us, we will be having conversations around how Prism can help the brands grow,” he said during the virtual launch of the solutions services recently.

Moving Forward

The Prism project is an omnichannel solution to help brands in the region, covering everything from influencers, social media, digital advertising, community building and out-of-home advertising.

It provides a range of brand-centred integrated solutions, including merchandising and trading, 360 marketing tools, data analytics and insights, as well as leading tech operations dedicated to delivering superior experiences to enable brands across the region reach existing and potential customers.

Prism is equipped with the expertise of the modern online-tooffline commercial landscape, personalisation and content management, while offering the access to Pomelo’s proprietary service, the “Tap Try Buy”.

Jou has targeted 1,000 brands to join Prism’s network in the next 12 months.

“In terms of revenue contribution, with the targeted brand participation, we are hoping for a double-digit percentage contribution in the first 12 months,” he said.

He added that the services will hinge on market rebound.

“With movement restrictions all over the region, the pent-up demand is going to be high and we will be leveraging that for the growth track,” he said.

Brands under Prism will be able to equip themselves with the technology that Pomelo has, including big data that is personalised to the users’ taste, thus giving them a wide range of style selection to choose from.

According to Jou, Pomelo has been at the forefront of the fashion-tech industry for over eight years.

“With the knowledge and expertise we have acquired over the years, it feels like the right time to scale our capabilities and build a community of omnichannel-savvy brands.

“The pandemic has had seismic impacts on the industry, so our goal with Prism is to turn this crisis into an opportunity,” he said.

He added that by providing this E2E service, Pomelo wanted to help brands scale alongside its name and contribute to the growth of the fashion industry across SouthEast Asia.

Setting Footprints in Malaysia

Pomelo was recently launched in Singapore and Malaysia, both physically and virtually.

“We are super excited about the Malaysian market, with our first physical store opening in One Utama shopping mall a month ago,” Jou said.

The new store marks the fashion and tech start-up’s venture into the local retail experience, which spans over 2,250 sq ft, allowing customers to explore over 1,600 products. It also has a dedicated area for Tap Try Buy, which is the brand’s in-app online-to-offline shopping feature.

The feature allows customers to browse the thousands of styles and brands available via Pomelo’s online platform, try them on in-store and pay for what they have decided on.

A point Pomelo is making in keeping up with trends and lifestyle choices includes its sustainability effort by featuring interchangeable parts for easier repairs and upgrades, and 90% of materials used in-store include wood and raw metal that can be taken apart for recycling.

How Pomelo Started

It was founded in 2013 as SouthEast Asia’s leading omni-channel platform with a global mindset to be appealing in three ways — on-trend, online and on-the-go.

Pomelo aims to offer women everywhere to look their best; its offices are manned mostly by women who know what women want and how they want to look.

The brand itself has an ever-growing assortment of style ranges, spanning from beachwear to sportswear and everything else in between to cater to the modern woman, now delivering to over 50 countries globally.

Similarly, the brand is also offering its solution to the impact of fast fashion on the environment: Its collection is called “Purpose by Pomelo”, which was founded in 2018.

The collection brings eco-friendly fabrics such as Better Cotton Initiative cotton, linen, hemp and more, such as natural dyes and sustainable processes.

Similarly, Jou said 80% of the platform’s products are also sustainable.

“Last month, over 80% of products released under the Pomelo label are fully sustainable, which is an important milestone,” he concluded.