JOI Smart Classroom takes digital learning to a new level


The new normal has pushed the education sector to undergo drastic changes, and this includes the adoption of online learning.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to fully implement digital learning in Malaysia at the moment, due to limited resources and unstable Internet connection, especially in some interior parts of the country.

Most schools still utilise old and new devices with different functions, which makes it difficult for teachers with different levels of technological literacy to operate the devices for teaching purposes.

With this in mind, SNS Network has introduced JOI Smart Classroom, a flexible digital learning solution that is meant to be used in the new norm.

With its state-of-the-art technology, JOI Smart Classroom offers an educational ecosystem for both teachers and students.

1. JOI Smartboard

JOI Smartboard is an interactive, touch screen whiteboard equipped with a variety of functions and attractive features, making it suitable for teachers.

Powered by Intel Core 10th Gen processing chip, it promises an efficient user experience for online teaching.

Lecturers no longer need to write on a regular whiteboard over and over again, as the JOI Smartboard allows them to teach their syllabus seamlessly.

It even comes with Android applications as well as bar widgets on the side to aid the teaching process.

This device will make online learning much more interesting, as information can be conveyed easily and interactively through demonstration methods.

2. JOI Connect

JOI Connect is a device that combines the benefits of an Internet access point and a standalone content server in one device. Even without an Internet connection, students and teachers can still access digital content without any problems.

This compact, lightweight and portable device allows it to be mounted on the wall easily. It is also equipped with up to five hours of battery life with a single charge.

Plus, the JOI Connect also comes with an impressive 500GB of internal storage space to store teaching materials and other important files, allowing both teachers and students to access their documents at any time.

3. JOI Book 155 Pro 

The JOI Book 155 Pro is an ultra-thin, lightweight laptop, measuring 13.5mm thick and 1.43kg, making it easy to carry anywhere.

With an aluminium metal exterior finish, the JOI Book 155 Pro has an elegant design and sophisticated look.

Built with a 14-inch full screen display, a high resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and an IPS panel, the JOI Book 155 Pro comes with a bright and clear color display.

Powered by an Intel Celeron N4120 processor, the JOI Book 155 Pro is capable of offering efficient processing power, ideal for online learning.

4. JOI Book 200 Pro

Aside from the JOI Book 155 Pro, SNS Network also offers a range of all-new laptops, such as the JOI Book 200 Pro.

The device offers a smooth and seamless user experience with the Intel Pentium J3710 processor.

The JOI Book 200 Pro’s lightweight design with a mere 1.35kg makes it easy to carry around anywhere.

Another interesting feature offered by this laptop is its edge-to-edge keyboard design, making it appear neat and providing a comfortable typing experience.

Thanks to its backlit keyboard, users will find it easier to type as it makes the keyboard letters and symbols visible in the dark.

The JOI Book 200 Pro’s 13.5-inch, 3K Narrow Bezel display with a high resolution of 3000×2000 pixels allows users to watch videos or display crystal clear pictures.

Additionally, the JOI Book 200 Pro also comes with a Type-C charger and transfers data at top speed, making it an added value for a modern device.

5. JOI Book Touch 330 Pro

This 360° adjustable device is popular because it can be customised according to the user’s preferred learning mode and environment.

Students can use it in laptop mode, tablet mode, presentation or multi-media mode according to their preferences.

Its wide screen display ensures for a satisfying online learning experience.

Another useful feature is its active pen, as it supports 1,024 pressure levels and palm rejection technology, which allows students to write notes without any interruptions.

The JOI Book Touch 330 Pro supports Windows 10 Pro, allowing students to move and organise applications easily using the JOI Active Pen or finger.

It also features an Intel Celeron N4120 processor with the new Intel UHD Graphics 600 for great performance, and it comes with an accessible SSD slot for additional storage.

6. JOI Classmate 10

No matter where the learning sessions are conducted, The JOI Classmate 10 is designed to be resistant and durable for daily use.

This device is capable of withstanding falls from a height of two feet, as well as having a dirt and waterproof resistance of up to 100 cc.

With the JOI Classmate 10, it is perfectly fine for students to use this laptop in groups, as it allows them to explore the wonders of online learning.

It even comes equipped with a webcam that can be adjusted up to 360 degrees, making it suitable for virtual learning sessions in the new norm.

In terms of display, the JOI Classmate 10 comes with an 11-inch high-definition screen that is capable of offering a satisfying viewing experience for its users.

7. JOI Classmate 30

While the JOI Classmate 30 series is designed with the same durable material as the JOI Classmate 10, there are some upgrades which make the device more powerful than its predecessor.

Among them is the IntelCore i3-1005G1 processor, which provides a smoother performance and is able to accommodate the needs of various types of tasks at a time.

The best part of the JOI Classmate 30 is its 14-inch, high-definition, wider screen for a clear and vivid display.

The best digital solution for all

With these innovative JOI Smart Classroom devices, it is the best time to make a change for a better future in terms of education.

Those looking to purchase these devices can enjoy a flexible payment method known as the SNS ONE Plan package, which is currently being offered by SNS Network.

For more information about the products offered by SNS Network, head over to their website or register your interest here.

Written by: Asyraf Khalib
This article originally appeared on Harian Metro with rights to be republished on The Malaysian Reserve.