‘Gerobok Rezeki Opah Minah’ provides free foodstuff for needy


PARIT – In an effort to continue the noble ‘legacy’ of the late opah Minah who liked to give sedekah or charity, her family took the initiative to set up a cupboard that provides free foodstuff for the residents of Kampung Tua, Tanjung Belanja, here, last April.

Known as Gerobok Rezeki Opah Minah, the food cupboard was set up by opah Minah’s eldest grandson, Ahmad Mizuan Ahamad Tekmizi (picture) to help ease the burden of those who have lost their income following the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

The 39-year-old assistant engineer said the food cupboard was named after his late grandmother, Aminah Abdul Zabry, who had raised him and his three younger brothers in the village before she died in 2018 at the age of 81.

“Our intention is to help the villagers, especially those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, apart from continuing the noble practice of opah Minah when she was still alive.

“We were very close…the late opah Minah was a friendly and generous person. She liked to ride her bicycle around the village would land a helping hand to the needy,” he said when met by reporters at Gerobok Rezeki here.

Ahmad Mizuan said apart from his siblings, other opah Minah’s grandchildren also contributed basic foodstuff such as rice, flour, tea and sugar to the food cupboard, which are available anytime, for free.

“I set up the Gerobok Rezeki at a cost of almost RM3,000 and initially donated foodstuff worth about RM250.

“Some of my relatives as well as other individuals then expressed their interest to join in and give their donation,” he said.

Ahmad Mizuan said he and his family members welcomed the public’s contribution to Gerobok Rezeki to help the villagers who were struggling due to the spread of the COVID-19 which had also forced businesses to close or lay off staff.

“We received good feedback, the residents of the nearest villages also came to get the food.

“There are also villagers who clean the food cupboard area voluntarily and those who left RM1 banknotes as a token of appreciation to us and we are very happy to be able to help,” said Ahmad Mizuan, who can be contacted at 012-3361342.