Wisdom behind this year’s haj postponement


KUALA LUMPUR – The postponement of this year’s Haj pilgrimage is closely linked to the concept of istito’ah or ability to perform the fifth pillar of Islam, including in terms of health.

Tabung Haji-Department of Islamic Development Malaysia Hajj Advisory Committee chairman Dr Anisah Abdul Ghani said pilgrims are always reminded about the concept, which has also been listed as one of the 17 resolutions of the 37th National Level Haj Muzakarah, issued as a pilgrimage guide during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As a Muslim, we must believe that there’s always a hikmah or wisdom behind everything, remain grateful and be patient,” she said in a statement to Bernama today.

Anisah said Muslims are not obligated to perform the Haj pilgrimage if they don’t have the capability of doing so in terms of health, safety, permission to travel to the Holy Land as well as finance.