Thai PM Prayuth says he will serve full term


BANGKOK – Prayuth Chan o-cha (picture) said he will serve a full term as Thai Prime Minister, ending speculations he may dissolve the House of Representatives and call for an early general election.

Prayuth, who is also the Defence Minister, said he would stay in office until the end of his four-year-term in 2023 despite facing calls for his removal.

All criticisms against him only served to bolster his resolve, he said, as quoted by Bangkok Post.

The Prayuth-led government reached the mid-point of their four-year-term in March this year.

The speculation of earlier dissolution of the House is rife after Prayuth on Tuesday told the cabinet that “the government only had one year left in office” and they should hurry up to implement projects to benefit the people.

His remark was later interpreted as the government’s readiness to dissolve the House.