MB: Selangor allocates RM200m for vaccine programme

The SCVP will especially focus on the elderly, as well as industrial and factory workers to fasten herd immunity


MENTRI Besar (MB) Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari (picture) said the state government has allocated RM200 million for the Selangor Covid-19 Vaccine Programme (SCVP) to accelerate herd immunity in the state.

He said SCVP efforts include concluding discussions with the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Division to supply vaccines in phases starting at the end of this month, and focusing on vaccine recipients especially the elderly as well as industrial and factory workers.

The allocation will also be used to procure vaccines for the younger generation who will soon be 18 years old, but have not yet received the vaccine.

“Selangor will also be collaborating with over a thousand clinics and private medical practitioners under this programme.”

Amirudin said this yesterday when he announced a RM551.56 million stimulus package under the “Pakej Kita Selangor 2.0: Bersama Menuju Kejayaan” initiative to help the people affected by the Movement Control Order.

The initiative would be mobilised through three strategies and 25 programmes that will benefit at least 1.6 million Selangor residents.

“The principle and policies worked on are for the good of the people and the state,” he said in a live address announcing the initiative yesterday.

Apart from taking bold steps, Amirudin said the federal government should also listen to the grievances of the people who have been burdened by the effects of Covid-19 for almost two years.

“It is not to brag or be arrogant, but I often hear people praise Selangor, which is always proactive in tackling the contagion and trying to strengthen the state’s economy such as the Community Screening effort which involved 117,314 people as of June 8.

“This effort was initially underestimated by some parties, but we continue to do it because we are confident that it is based on science and facts,” he added.

Amirudin also said regardless of the differences between leaders, the only way forward is to work together for success.

The three strategies of the stimulus package include safeguarding the welfare and survival of the people; protecting industries and economic sectors, as well as businesses in Selangor; and health control to curb the spread of the pandemic.

The first strategy includes RM3.28 million for food basket programmes; financial assistance to the families of deceased Covid-19 patients (RM1.5 million); RM500 for the disabled (RM600,000); moratorium on Hijrah Selangor entrepreneurs for 1.5 months (RM11.35 million); special hotline for domestic violence complaints (RM100,000); and deferment of repayment of education loans for graduates in 2021 (RM1.3 million).

Additionally, a total of RM2.1 million was allocated for Selangor residents’ tuition programme (PTRS); ePTRS.my Portal (RM500,000); deferment of PPR and Smart Rent rental payment (RM900,000); special assistance for entrepreneurs and teachers of kindergartens (RM500,000); deferment of payment of Selangor Foundation scholarship study loan (RM1 million); Selangor student assistance (RM1.5 million); financial assistance for Selangor’s tourism sector (RM2.55 million); Selangor Internet data (RM17.5 million) and Selangor Internet Scheme category M40 or SISM40.

Under the second strategy, RM200 million is allocated for Selangor Advance Programme; Food Security programme (RM10 million); Agro Prihatin Programme (RM1.5 million); Revenue Enhancement Programme (RM1.93 million); Selangor Hijrah Loan (RM80 million) and PLATS Selangor.

For the third strategy, RM10.7 million has been set up for Phase 3 Covid-19 Community Screening Test; “Home Assessment Tool” (RM1.25 million); transportation rebate for vaccination (RM1 million) and health control at work (RM500,000).

In March 2020, the state announced the Selangor Prihatin economic stimulus package worth RM127.78 million, followed by the second phase on April 1 worth RM272 million.

Selangor’s economic recovery plan of RM55.8 billion was tabled on July 13, followed by the first “Pakej Kita Selangor 1.0” amounting to RM73.8 million on Jan 20 this year.