Ipsos: More e-commerce shoppers from east coast


THE east coast states have recorded more e-commerce shoppers recently than any other region in the last six months, according to Ipsos Sdn Bhd.

In its survey “E-commerce Landscape Through the Pandemic” which addressed a population between 18 and 74 years of age, it said the three east coast states made up 62% of consumers.

Ipsos said shopping online has become a mainstay, with 75% of Malaysians browsing an e-commerce platform in the surveyed duration, while 45% said purchases were made.

“As expected, the propensity to use e-commerce platforms is higher among the younger population, three times higher than those above 50 years. About 59% were consumers aged 18 to 34, while 20% were aged 50 and above,” it said.

According to the survey, the most purchased items included fashion items like clothes and shoes, as well as home care products and groceries.

“The fashion segment accounted for 47% of items bought, followed by homecare at 35%, accessories (33%), cosmetics (32%), groceries (27%), while electronics and home appliances accounted for 24% and 20% respectively,” it said.

The survey also revealed that Shopee was the leading platform for Malaysians buying their needs online.

Some of the factors for this included user-friendliness of the app, quick deliveries, reliable reviews and promotions.

“Malaysia has many new players emerging or entering the country over the recent years. Among all, Shopee has a substantial lead among Malaysia’s e-commerce platforms, and is strongly positioned as the leader and tends to be recommended by 48% of its users,” Ipsos said.

Its contender Lazada came in second place with 31% of respondents stating items were purchased there, followed by Facebook (18%), GoShop (16%), Mudah (6%), Taobao (5%) and Instagram (5%).