Beware of syndicate posing as IRB’s officers

by BERNAMA / graphic by M ZUKRI

The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) has reminded the public to be wary of a Macau Scam syndicate posing as its officers to deceive victims.

IRB, in a statement today stressed that any tax-related matter would not be discussed through phone calls, instead it would done through letters or official emails using the domain.

It said, according to data from the police, from Jan 1 to Jan 27, 556 cases linked to the syndicate members posing as IRB officers, involving losses of more than RM15.26 million, were investigated.

The syndicate’s modus operandi is to pose as an IRB officer and contact the targeted victims via a phone calls, asking them to pay for ‘outstanding tax arrears’.

“The call will then be connected to another member disguised as police personnel or officers from Bank Negara or other enforcement agencies who will ask the victims to lodge an official report,” said the statement.

The victims will also be told they are involved in money laundering, drugs or other criminal activities which will cause them to panic before being asked to give their banking information, including Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) or One Time Pin (OTP) numbers.

According to the IRB, the victims only realise that they have been conned after money from their back accounts has been transferred to a third party and they failed to contact the suspect.

As such, the public is reminded to be careful when receiving any phone call, message, email or letter and verify it by contacting the Hasil Care Line or visiting the IRB’s official portal at or going to the nearest IRB office.

Tax payers must always ensure that their taxes are paid to IRB while stamp duty is paid to its authorised collectors.