MDEC to coach businesses towards digitalisation


THE Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC) has kickstarted the “100 Go Digital Coaching 2021” programme to help businesses in key sectors embrace digitalisation to remain competitive, sustainable and profitable amid the pandemic.

The programme is aimed at retail, food and beverages, logistics and professional services sectors and will incorporate a hands-on and hand-holding components to maximise impact and effectiveness.

It would also be supporting a conducive ecosystem to accelerate digitalisation processes in businesses.

Not only does it help them expand their operations and increase their revenue, but also take advantage of the digital platform to further widen their avenues to generate income.

Currently, the programme is made up of three key components that cover the digitalisation course of a business.

Participants will undergo a coaching session which will provide an overview of the process to ensure they understand the benefits and opportunities that await them.

Participants will also learn how to identify their pain points and challenges, as well as be given practical guidance by coaches from corresponding renowned companies which will be hosted by MDEC throughout the year.

Moreover, they will be given digital solutions and strategies that they can incorporate into their business plans to proceed further in the technology value chain. With the programme, MDEC can track and monitor the participants’ progress to ensure they stay on the right track, as well as provide guidance when needed.

Businesses will also be introduced to other programmes which will further aid their development as they progress through the stages of digital adoption.

The coaches that have proven track record and will be involved in “100 Go Digital Coaching 2021” are AutoCount Sdn Bhd, Deepsky Sdn Bhd, E Stream Software Sdn Bhd, iBizzCloud Sdn Bhd, Innergia Labs Sdn Bhd, Locus-T Sdn Bhd, Million Software Sdn Bhd and Smart-Acc Solutions Sdn Bhd.

These are among the first group of digital coaches while there would be more to be added in the list. They will also provide online training materials and a dedicated programme support team.

According to MDEC CEO Surina Shukri (picture), before the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, they would have to explain to businesses why embracing digitalisation is important.

“Now, it is a question of how, and with the new components incorporated within the programme, we are confident we will be able to infuse digital advantage into businesses, sharing and enabling the best practices and technologies to assist businesses to survive and thrive.

“This is also in line with Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint which aims to onboard 875,000 micro, small and medium enterprises onto the digital platform by 2025,” she said.

MDEC chief digital business officer Aiza Azreen Ahmad said they would give everything to ensure businesses find success in this difficult time.

“As needs and challenges evolve with time, the ‘100 Go Digital Coaching’ programme is keeping up to ensure local businesses remain viable and profitable by utilising the best digital has to offer,” she said.