Israel-Palestine crisis, vaccine top local Google searches


THE “Iron Dome” and the “Israel-Palestine crisis” dominated the local Google searches last month.

Other trending search topics include the telecommunications service subscription subsidy and queries related to Covid-19, such as the Movement Control Order (MCO) and the vaccine.

Google noted in its infographics that at the topmost of the ranking are “Bendera Palestin”, “Iron Dome” and “Save Palestine”.

“The crisis between Israel and Palestine has been at the forefront of news with many seeking information on the Iron Dome and ways to show their solidarity towards Palestine,” it said.

This is followed by the searches on the Jaringan Prihatin for telecommunications services, which is a targeted subscription subsidy for low-income groups announced in 2021 budget.

“The subsidy was opened for registration on May 5, allowing one claim per eligible individual or household and set to assist 8.4 million recipients of the Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat scheme,” it said. The third most searched query is the additional six days of fasting in Syawal, or “Niat Puasa 6”, followed by MCO 3.0 searches. “As daily Covid-19 positive cases reached all-time highs, MCO 3.0 was introduced with tighter controls and standard operating procedures across Malaysia.

“This is followed by ‘Takbir Raya PDF’ and ‘Khutbah Raya 2021’ as Muslims prepared to celebrate Aidilfitri by reciting the takbir and listening to the special sermon for the day, right from their own homes,” it said.

The searches are also followed up with various interests such as “Koyak”, the slang for getting offended, which had become a part of the Urban Dictionary after it was used in a hashtag in discussions of the Israel-Palestine crisis.

The Hotspots Identification for Dynamic Engagement or HIDE was also widely searched by online users as premises that were listed down were required to close down temporarily to help the public and business operators take precautionary measures.

In addition to the top 10 diverse searches, the top trending vaccination-related search terms in May included queries regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine while questioning its safety, the best vaccine and how to register for the vaccine.

Other searches include “What is Pfizer pill?” and variations of “Which district is my city in”, followed by “AstraZeneca how many doses”, “Comirnaty vaccine”, “How to check vaccination status in Malaysia” as well as “Covid vaccine near me”.