CIMS will issue approval after vetted by relevant ministries, says Azmin

MITI is not the only authority allowing businesses to operate during the lockdown period, says senior minister

by TMR / pic by BERNAMA

THE Covid-19 Intelligent Management System (CIMS 3.0) will only issue the approval after it gets the go-ahead from various ministries tasked to review the application from businesses involved.

Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI) Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali (picture) said in a statement yesterday that MITI is not the only authority allowing businesses to operate during the lockdown period.

“To date, 15 ministries have used the CIMS 3.0 to facilitate the evaluation process of permission applications to operate under their respective sectors. After the ministry confirms the applications, the company involved may print the letter of authorisation through CIMS 3.0,” Azmin explained.

“MITI is not the sole decider on whether a sector business is considered an essential service or vice versa.

“This approval does not only cover the manufacturing sector because it also involves various other sectors from 15 ministries,” he said.

The government listed 17 essential services allowed to operate during the third Movement Control Order (MCO 3.0) with manpower capacity limited to 60%.

The sectors allowed to operate by the National Security Council include manufacturing, agriculture, fisheries, livestock, plantations and commodities, construction and distribution trade.

Azmin also explained that the chemical and electrical and electronics sectors are categorised as important services because the sectors are closely related in ensuring the safety and health of the people.

Prior to this, Senior Minister (Security) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said in a press conference on May 30 that all approval letters to travel for work issued by MITI will no longer be valid with the implementation of the first phase of the total lockdown from June 1-14.

Ismail Sabri had said that the applications for approval letters to travel for work must be directed to the relevant ministries.

Meanwhile, MITI said as of 7.30am yesterday, it had issued the approval for 22% of the total applicants through CIMS 3.0.

Azmin said 128,150 out of 586,308 applications have been approved, which involved a total of 1.57 million workers.

“MITI also took note of the complaints that CIMS 3.0 had approved some applications that are not allowed to operate. We are open to any form of complaint or criticism about the CIMS 3.0 system to ensure transparency and effective implementation of this system,” the minister added.

He said the ministry, through a joint enforcement unit with other enforcement agencies, will continue to monitor and control the implementation of standard operating procedures during MCO 3.0.

Separately, the federal police Internal Security and Public Order Department officer MV Srikumar M Nair said the police will accept any letters issued by the government agencies, apart from MITI. He said in a short video clip that the decision was based on the IGP’s instruction.

“I hope you will notify all units that are involved in roadblocks,” he said in the video, which was also shared by the Ministry of Transport on its official Facebook page.