Pertama Digital secures INFOPRO as second digital bank consortium partner

by TMR / pic by TMR FILE

PERTAMA Digital Berhad has announced the onboarding of INFOPRO Sdn Bhd, a long-established banking-as-a-service (BaaS) provider, in its consortium to apply for a digital bank licence from Bank Negara Malaysia.

Established in Malaysia in 1987, INFOPRO has been in business for 34 years, serving more than 100 banks across 32 countries, a vast majority located in Southeast Asia and Africa, the regions where most of the world’s financially excluded individuals live.

INFOPRO was recently named the ‘Best Core Banking Solution Provider’ in Fintech Futures’ Banking Tech Awards 2020.

“Our digital bank will contribute by enhancing the economic productivity of hardworking Malaysians who are powering our 875,000 MSMEs, many of whom face challenges accessing financial services today.

“In order to deliver this successfully, we searched the global market for a strong banking software partner that not only offers technology and expertise, but more importantly, demonstrates an organisational track record for solving the challenges faced by the financially excluded through banking. To our delight, we found the perfect partner in INFOPRO, right here in Malaysia,” said Pertama Digital’s Director of Strategy, Saify Akhtar.

To recap, on 24 May 2021, Pertama Digital announced Crowdo as a consortium partner for the purpose of applying for a digital bank license.

Crowdo is a SME-focused neobank with an AI-powered credit scoring engine specialised for emerging markets in ASEAN.