realme launches affordable 5G smartphone in Malaysia priced at RM899


With the latest technological advancements, consumers aren’t just looking for a smartphone with a great camera.

On top of producing crystal clear photos, a smartphone device must have an array of impressive features of the highest calibre. 

The realme 8 5G smartphone has just been launched in Malaysia, and it boasts higher specifications and features compared to the previous series.

The realme 8 5G comes equipped with the Dimensity 700 5G processor, which combines two high-capacity Arm Cortex-A76 cores in an octa-core CPU that operates up to 2.2GHz.

This fast processing speed will allow mobile gamers to play smoothly without stopping, allowing them to take their gaming sessions to the next level.

Plus, this smartphone will not run out of battery easily or overheat while playing mobile games, as it has a fast processing power to allow the game to run more smoothly.

Additionally, the Dimensity 700 5G processor also supports 5G Dual SIM Dual Standby, which allows the phone to support 5G SIM cards online with the 5G network.

Its processor supports SA/NSA and covers the 5G frequency band, while the latest Dual Network Acceleration Technology can create Wi-Fi and 5G network overlays.

Thanks to the realme 8 5G’s efficient processor, the 5,000 mAh battery on this smartphone can save power up to 28%, which is equivalent to an 8nm processor.

More impressively, users may use the realme 8 5G for longer periods of time, as this device supports 18W fast charging via USB type C.

Ideal for mobile gamers

The realme 8 5G is not just good for daily use. It is also suitable for those who constantly play games on their mobile devices.

While many choose to purchase monitors with a refresh rate above 60HZ, the realme 8 5G’s refresh rate will not disappoint, as it has a refresh rate of 90Hz and a maximum sampling rate of 180Hz.

Whether it’s PUBG or Mobile Legends, users will be able to play these heavy games without having to compromise their gaming experience.

Aside from its gaming features, the realme 8 5G offers a state-of-the-art 48MP Nightscape Camera, consisting of a 48MP Ultra HD Main Camera, a B&W portrait lens and a macro lens.

Nightscape is a long exposure mode that produces brighter and clearer pictures despite the lack of light, especially during the night.

The realme 8 5G’s front camera is equipped with the AI Beauty feature which lets users capture selfies with confidence. This is because the AI Beauty effects will make the users’ skin look smooth and natural.

Smoother screen display

Aside from these impressive features, the realme 8 5G comes with an attractive design in two colours, namely Supersonic Blue and Supersonic Black.

This model uses a high-gloss, indium plating process on the back, making the colours stand out even more on this smartphone.

More importantly, the realme 8 5G happens to be one of the most durable smartphones, as it has successfully passed many tests with no external damage. 

The realme 8 5G has undergone vigorous testing, for instance, the fingerprint sensor worked perfectly well even after 500,000 presses.

When it comes to the smartphone’s build, it is 0.3 inches (8.5mm) thick, while only weighing a mere 6.5 ounces (185g).

Meanwhile, the phone’s fingerprint sensor is located on the side along with the power button. This allows users to have an unobstructed viewing experience and gives the smartphone a sophisticated look.

Another impressive feature is its Dynamic RAM expansion technology, as It is capable of using the phone’s storage memory (ROM) to expand the RAM memory by 5GB.

The use of this technology improves smartphone performance, as this eliminates the problem of a lack of storage caused by limited RAM.

Affordably priced

In a nutshell, realme released a smartphone which meets the current needs of users at an opportune time.

Users looking for an affordable mobile device should opt for the realme 8 5G, as it comes equipped with great features that is sure to give you an incredible smartphone experience.

The realme 8 5G smartphone will go on sale on May 28, 2021, exclusively on Lazada and at all realme authorized stores and distributors.

In conjunction with its launch on Lazada on May 28, realme 8 5G will be offered at a price of RM799 (Original Price: RM899), which means users will enjoy a RM100 discount. This price discount will only last for one day.

The realme 8 5G smartphone is also available in 8GB + 128GB storage variants and comes with three card slots for SIM cards and SD cards up to 1TB.

Visit the realme website to learn more about realme’s latest products.


Written by: Nurshafika Suhaimi

This article originally appeared on Harian Metro with rights to be republished on The Malaysian Reserve.